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Assignment 2 and Clarifications.
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Assignment 2 q1

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From: Jichunyang L.
Date: Wed 27th May, 4:50pm
"Christopher McDonald" <chris.                     wrote:

> "Matthew Westhoff"                               wrote:
> > To my understanding the update version script will be run. This will update the 
> > comments in the .c and .h files. 
> > 
> > After this has been run successfully, will the makefile only update the comment found 
> > within the makefile and then recompile the the source files that had been edited by 
> > the update version script? Or should the makefile have some capability to edit the the 
> > comments in the .c and .h files rather than just convert the edited .c and .h files to 
> > executable?
> Hello Matthew,
> Your goal is to write a shellscript, that can be invoked by (from within) your Makefile, to update 
> the *.c, *.h, and the Makefile itself.
> This requirement is very typical - the Makefile (read by the make program) does not, itself, 
> perform any of the work, it just determines what needs to be done, and passes each of the action 
> lines off to the shell for execution.
> There's no requirement to then compile the project's *.c and *.h files.
Hi Chris,
  For Q1, which command I should run? make updateversion $project name or ./updateversion $project 

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