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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Open Source Tools and Scripting (CITS4407).
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Q on Exam

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From: Nathan S.
Date: Sun 31st May, 1:05pm


Hi Chris,

After taking a look at the sample exam from 2018, it looks like it is 4 essay 
questions.  Just using that exam as an example, I would say by far the best study 
for that would be lots of reading and practice writing.  That is totally not what I 
expected from this unit, I thought it was a more applied unit for Linux and bash 
etc.  For me and I am sure some other students, it's a bit late for us to digest a 
large amount of reading material at this point.  I have about 3 days I can devote to 
revising for this subject before the exam (I have 3 exams in 3 days next week, 
totally stupid scheduling by UWA).  Everything I have in my notes is relating to 
bash commands, scripts, awk, etc.  A bit on open source and licensing from week1.  
But, as I said, it appears that I would be far better placed if my notes were more 
along the lines of the output of reading a large proportion of the recommended 
reading materials.  That would be ok, if I was made aware of this fromt he start, 
i.e. that the reading was going to be examined with essays, so that I would have 
devoted time to digesting material week to week during the semester.  I really do 
not know how to handle this right now, I suppose I will just have to do some last 
minute reading and essay practice.

Anyway, you did mention relating to the subject matter:
"The subject matter of the questions has been drawn from lecture topics (Weeks 1-
11), recommended readings, and laboratory and assignment work."  But Week 10 and 11, 
(which seems like it is heavily represented in the 2018 exam) have no lecture 
recordings to this day.  So are you really going to include that in the exam wihtout 
giving any lecture on it at all?  Surely not.  Even if you released it on Monday, it 
is really getting a bit late to throw it out there now.

Anyway, those are some comments after going through the 2018 exam last night and 
sleeping on it.


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