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Questions and Clarifications for Final Exam

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From: Christopher M.
Date: Tue 9th Jun 2020, 5:02pm


"Lee de Byl" <10*0*8*[email protected]*u*e*t*u*a*e*u*a*> wrote:

> Online exams are new territory for me, and one thing I've been wondering about is whether the fact the exam is online changes 
> the expectation around the length of our answers, given I suspect many of us can type faster than we can handwrite these days?

Hi Lee,

No, no expectation to write more, just because we're typing.

If you were on campus, writing your answers in the standard UWA exam booklets, then (most students) would answer a 10-mark question on 2-3 
pages of the booklet, producing reasonable answers in that space.  And, because of the stresses during an exam, students usually write 
large, 5 words per line.  Correct answers, achieving full marks, don't require long flowing essays.

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