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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Open Source Tools and Scripting (CITS4407).
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From: Lee dB.
Date: Sat 13th Jun, 4:25pm


For those that completed their exam today, hope all went well!

This was my first online exam, and just wanted to discuss what other people's experience 
was like.

I'm running Examplify on a fresh install of macOS via an external hard drive, with no other 
software installed. I noticed that, during the exam, if I right-clicked on a term in the 
text editor, it had the option to look-up the corresponding man page in Terminal. Normally 
that option is under "Services" it seems, but the Examplify software moved it to the top-
level of the menu.

I wonder if this was deliberately left enabled for this exam? It seemed oddly pertinent, 
but it didn't seem to do anything except cause Examplify to freeze for ~10 seconds.

Also, did anyone else find the text editor had really high latency? It felt like there was 
a delay of 200-400ms between every key press and it appearing on the screen, which was 
quite jarring. I also found that the Delete key didn't work, nor did any of my favourite 
keyboard shortcuts for things like deleting words before/after the cursor etc.

I'm not sure the mock exam had the same free-text entry field to try, but either way it 
really slowed down the speed of text entry and editing.

Other than that, it all worked quite seamlessly for me. 

How was everyone else's experience?

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