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Today's lecture - summary

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From: Arran S.
Date: Thu 1st Apr 2021, 4:16pm

Hi all,

Today MS Teams just wouldn't start on the lecture podium computer - despite my trying 
the "turn it off and turn it on again" tactic. Some update must have broken it ... 
I'll get the Service Desk to look into it. (Another reason why open source tools can 
be useful: you can actually *look* at exactly what the changes to a program are, 
before you update it.)

But the recording should appear on the Lecture Capture system shortly.

A summary of what was discussed:

## Assignment

I'm still preparing the "test environment" for the assignment - this will be a web-
based system which gives you a bash terminal in a browser tab, where everyone will 
have access to *exactly* the same commands, with exactly the same version of those 

(Even on Ubuntu 20.04, different people's setup might have slightly different versions 
of things.)

Now, UWA's IT Dept wanted to charge the school of CS ... lots and lots of money for 
such an environment, and potentially it still might not work as we wanted. So instead, 
we'll be using a much cheaper solution that only costs around $40 for the whole 
semester. (For anyone interested - it uses XTerm.js,, and Docker, 
running in the cloud on a Digital Ocean VM.)

I hope it'll be ready for Tuesday, and you can just log in with your student number 
and password. If not - I'll have to give people a new password for the system, which 
is a pain but still okay.

Regardless, I'll release the assignment Tuesday so people can start work on it.

## Assignment Deadline

I want to allow people around 3 weeks, so if I release on Tuesday, I'll extend the 
deadline until the 3rd Friday after that date.

Sorry for the change in schedule - but I'd rather make sure people have enough time, 
even if it does throw out some peoples' schedule a bit.

## Assignment and labs

I'll create a channel on MS Teams just for discussing the assignment - that should 
make it easier to find if other people have the same questions.

Once we come back from the break, I'll be asking that, if you have assignment-related 
questions, you post on MS Teams what your questions are *before* the lab. This will 
hopefully mean everyone gets a chance to ask questions, repeated questions can just be 
answered once, and that we'll try to spread the facilitators' time a bit more evenly.

## What will the assignment be like

Several exercises, starting off easy and getting harder. It should be pretty easy to 
pass, but getting 80-100% will require a bit of research and thinking and carefully 
looking at the tools we've discussed (or read about).

The answer to each exercise will go in a script, called, e.g. "".

Then for submission, you'll just upload those scripts.

There'll be a couple of mar

## Regular expressions

For the assignment - which will assume you're up to date with material from weeks 1-5 
- it will be useful to know about regular expressions, "grep" and "sed", so that's 
what we covered today.

We didn't get as far as the "write your own function" bit of the slides -- if people 
want, I can record that separately.

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