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Accessing the standard Assignment 1 environment in your web browser using GitPod

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From: Arran S.
Date: Fri 9th Apr 2021, 3:09pm

Hi all,

If you're having any trouble accessing Ubuntu and Docker on your computer, I've added a 
page on the Assignment 1 wiki:

Accessing the assignment environment on the Web using GitPod

(A reminder that any assignment submissions must run correctly on the standard 
assignment environment - scripts that don't work in this environment may receive zero 

GitPod provides a very quick and easy way of accessing the standard assignment 
environment, and comes with a shellcheck-enabled editor (VS Code) built in.
However, there are a couple of disadvantages:
- You're relying on GitPod's servers to provide your development environment, and won't 
be able to access it if GitPod's servers ever go down. (They seem reliable from what 
I've seen, but not being able to access them won't be grounds for an assignment 
- Editing code and typing commands is likely to be somewhat slower than if executed on 
your own machine.

If you have any problems getting set up using GitPod, feel free to ask a question in the 
Assignment 1 channel on MS Teams.


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