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Assignment 2 and Clarifications.
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Assignment 1_task 2 and submission

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From: Christopher M.
Date: Mon 13th Apr, 3:18am
"Jichunyang Li"                               wrote:

> Hi Chirs,
> For task 2, the format of example is a column, 
> 1
> 2
> 3
> 4
> 5,
> but for my shellscript, the result is a row,1 2 3 4 5. Is the result acceptable?

Please produce your (6) results as on the Assignment sheet
(any program receiving the results as input will be expecting 6 lines, not just 1).

> In addition, should we submit 4 .sh files (in a .zip file) for this assignment?

Just as stated on the Assignment sheet please.

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