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Task 3 - Assignment 1

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From: Rohit A.
Date: Mon 13th Apr, 4:19pm



For task 3 of assignment 1, need clarifications on the following doubts: 

a.) Will words within angled brackets contain special characters and numbers as well? 
If yes, then are we suppose to consider them as part of the word or extract just the 
alphabets within them and add entries to the index accordingly. For e.g will the 
words <@l*n*x> and <linux2> be two separate words or they should be added to the 
index of common word 'linux' ?

b.) About words with spaces in them: if we've two words like < linux > and <linux > 
i.e words which have same alphabets but different space position within the angled 
brackets, then are we supposed to consider these kinds of words as just one word 
"linux" or two different words " linux " and "linux " ?

Thank you. 

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