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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Open Source Tools and Scripting (CITS4407).

Assignment 2 and Clarifications.
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aliases alphabets alternatives amazon answers apologies app appears apple archive arg argument arguments arrival asking assessments assignment assignments assumption assumptions attributes audio auto bash basic beasts beginners behaviour being big billing bin blackboard blank blue booklet booklets boring boston braces bracket brackets bringing browser buying bytes cache calculations calendar calling can cancel catch central changing chart charts check checker checking checksum cheers christ clarification clarifications clarity cleaning clocks close cloud code colour colours com command commands commence comment commercial common compact compatibility compiler computations computing configuration congratulations cons consultation content contents cool covering cramp crow csv current cut cutting daily date dates dealing deconstruct default defaults defensive deliverables departure dependencies descriptions desktop destination detects developers diff dig digit direction directories directory disk display distance ditto divide docs documentation doesn don dots double down download draw due dynamic early echo editing edu email english entire entries environment environments error essay essays exam examination examinations exams exceptions exe execution executions exercise exercises exit exp expectation expressions extensions favourite fedora feedback feel ferry file files fill firewall first fix flags flies folder folders following font for foreigner forks format formats forum full functionality gaming gawk general generosity gibberish giving glue going good google guess happening hassle hate header help helper high hint hiring histogram hmm hmmm hope horizontal html http implementations independent indexes info init initial input inputs installation instruction instructions integers isn james java jean ken kernel key keywords lab laboratories labs languages laptop laptops last late latitude lats launches learnt leave leaving lecture lecturer leeway left let leverage licensing like limit line lines link links listening little local locale locales location longitude looks loop lotto low luck mac main make makes making manipulation map mapping maps margin mark marks masters match matches matching mean means meanwhile meets mention metadata meteorology meters microsoft mins mock modern modules monday monthly moving multiple name native near need networking new noisy not off offers one online onward open operating option oracle org original out output over overtake parallel parameter parent particular pass passes passing password paste patience per performing personal philosophies php physical pins pipes platform platforms pointer poor port positive present print privileges processes processing produce producing programmers programming project pros prototype prototypes proxy punctuation put python question questions quiet rails raising raspberry reach reaches reaching read readability reading readings real realise rebuilding recall receiving recognise recording recordings ref reg rental reply reporting requests requirement reset resolution reuse revert route rows ruby run running runs safari saturday saw say saying schedule scheduling script scripts second semester server session sessions sharing she shebang sheet sheets shell shells shine shipwreck short shortcuts shout shrinking simple simplification single six sleeping small snag software solution solutions some source spaces spec special specific specification specifications speed square standalone standard start starting startup station stations stop stopping stops string strings subfields submission subsystem suggestion super supports surname suspect switches symptom syntax tags tail tailor take taking target task tasks teaching teamwork temp terminology text thanks that then think third thought three timetable timetables too tool toolbox tools topics train trains tram transfer transfers transit treat trickle trip trips trust try turns two txt typo under underground unit units unknown update updates upgrade upheaval upload url user uses utilities validate validation var variable variables vault verbs version versions videos viewing waiting walk walking want watching web webpage website weekdays welcome well wetter while whilst white whole will win windows wish workday working works workshop workstation worry worsening writing wrong xxx you zip

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