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 UWA week 23 (1st semester, 1st exam week) ↓
SVG not supported 4:26pm Fri 10th Jun, Parsa A.

Hi Michael, I accidentally posted the previous post anonymously. I'm not able to see any feedback

SVG not supported 3:21pm Fri 10th Jun, Rajwant K.

Hello Michael, Yup, I can see feedback for Assignment 2. thanks..

SVG not supported 3:16pm Fri 10th Jun, Michael W.

Hi, I can't help you if I don't know who you are, but I can confirm that Ass 1 feedback had to be removed to allow Ass2 feedback to be uploaded. Those were Chris' instructions. Not sure why. Can anyone else see their feedback? (Remember, I can't see w...

SVG not supported 3:06pm Fri 10th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Hi can anyone see their feedback? My project 2 feedback isn't visible and even my project 1 feedback has disappeared too

SVG not supported 2:46pm Fri 10th Jun, Shahzad A.

Hi Where can we find zero interest.txt and Tolstoy War and Peace.txt used for testing

SVG not supported 10:59am Wed 8th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Hi Michael, I was wondering if there are any news about project marks solutions release dates? )

SVG not supported 10:07pm Tue 7th Jun, Michael W.

Hi, That is an excellent question, whose details are mired in politics. Please come and chat with me if you want the complete, messy story. I personally see it the same way you do, but was told that I need to differentiate the units in some way, so I ...

SVG not supported 9:55pm Tue 7th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Hi, Although this is late before the final exam tomorrow, seeking this clarification will simply be for my own understanding and or peace of mind. If I understand correctly, the only difference between CITS4407 and CITS2003 is in the final exam. Afte...

SVG not supported 3:56pm Tue 7th Jun, Michael W.

Hi, The first person who responded is entirely on the money in terms of saying what the code you presented actually does. What I think you may be confusing this is is the substitute command s ,. a-zA-Z . which removes everything from the comma so lo...

SVG not supported 2:57pm Tue 7th Jun, ANONYMOUS

,. a-zA-Z . d -- It means that lines which have at least 1 letter (a-z or A-Z) after a comma should be deleted. The only line which doesn't have a letter after comma is Edith Cowan University,22202,4239,26441 . It only has numbers after any comma....

SVG not supported 2:09pm Tue 7th Jun, ANONYMOUS

,. a-zA-Z . d. Hi guys, I am having trouble understanding this piece of code using sed on the lines down below. Universal uNIVErsity,one,two,three Queensland uNIversity of Technology,38423,7157,45580,x Flinders University,18995,3812,22807,hi Blunderv...

SVG not supported 10:04pm Mon 6th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Sorry, I mean in general - we can code the solutions if we feel comfortable quickly creating a little program and testing in on the go. But yeah bash sed awk - depending on the question

SVG not supported 5:00pm Mon 6th Jun, Shahzad A.

Sorry Michael. Ignore this I have found the correct info

SVG not supported 4:38pm Mon 6th Jun, Shahzad A.

Hi Michael For the final exam do we have to join the General channel on MS team for unit?

SVG not supported 3:18pm Mon 6th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Hi. I believe what we're expected to do is have one computer phone set up with teams, with the camera facing us and making sure our main computer's screen (where we do the text on LMS) is visible. Otherwise the invigilator can't see what you're doing...

SVG not supported 3:14pm Mon 6th Jun, Michael W.

Hi, That depends on the question. If the question is specifically about Sed or Awk, clearly no. Cheers MichaelW

SVG not supported 3:10pm Mon 6th Jun, Michael W.

Hi, If what you're doing is transparent and reasonable, I don't think there should be an issue, but if it looks dodgy the invigilators will call you out. Thankfully, this time round, it's nothing to do with me. I hope you can see the potential for abu...

SVG not supported 1:45pm Mon 6th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Thanks Michael

SVG not supported 1:39pm Mon 6th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Isn't this the same as just using one computer? My understanding is that we're not screen sharing, just showing our webcams, to the invigilator?

SVG not supported 1:11pm Mon 6th Jun, ANONYMOUS

But we can code the solution in bash if it will help us?

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