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6:43pm Tue 19th Apr, Ryan B.

> That's surprising, because I did not nest any for loops, I simply iterate over each row of the csv file once and i'm taking 20-30 seconds. Is a file size of 2033 lines considered "colossal" or should I be concerned?
To answer the second question, first: 2033 is quite small. For example, the Alice in Wonderland file we have been working with in the labs is almost 4000 lines, and all our scripts take very little time to complete. What I suspect you are doing is redundant operations; by this, I mean doing unnecessary processing for every line first. If I am passing in a country as an argument, for example, I should only be concerned with doing further 'searching/sorting' on the subset of data to do with that country (max 10-15 lines/country). I suspect you may be doing all the computation for each country upfront by check if each row is the right country, and then compare the number in that row to a `max` variable somewhere? I could be wrong, this is a pure guess. At any rate, a line-by-line approach is probably unnecessary for this particular question. I'd recommend taking a step back, and perhaps looking over some of the more recent material on regular expressions with `grep` and `sed`. Remember that we have been processing multiple rows in a csv file in various ways (using `sort`, `cut` etc.) without having to loop through them line-by-line in the labs, so perhaps review that material, too. Hope this helps! Ryan (lab guy).

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