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8:13pm Wed 20th Apr, Michael W.

> Hi Michael, > > With regards to task 2, suppose the integer supplied (e.g. common_words -nth 10000000000000 textfiles) is larger than the number of unique words found in a text, do you want us to: > > 1. Use the word with the lowest frequency > > 2. Make the program "fall over" via anti-bugging and output an appropriate error message (e.g. integer supplied is larger than total number of unique words. Please try a smaller number.) > > 3. ignore that text if -nth is larger than number of unique words. > > If option 3 is preferred, do we then need to output an error message if all texts in the directory are ignored?
Hi, I think we can agree that you can't simply do nothing. So, with all potential errors, the first requirement is that you spot the error and let the user know that something is not right. If you can sensibly proceed, then let the user know that that is what you're doing and get on with it; OTOH, if it is not sensible to process, having let the user know of problem, exit. In short, it is a judgement call to some extent, but the circumstances with pretty much dictate which path you choose. In short, do something sensible. Cheers MichaelW

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