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8:58am Mon 2nd May, Michael W.

Hi, I understand some of you have been finding the first assignment a stretch, and are uncomfortable with the ambiguity of tests you've not seen. I do get that, so believe I should say something about why it is that I'm doing what I'm doing. My view is that an assignment should be more than yet another crank-the-handle lab exercise, which, apart from the extension bits, are straight forward applications of stuff I covered in labs. Indeed, we have also taken some care to line up the exercises with the lectures. Secondly, the core business of this industry is to come up with solutions to specs and deal with the ambiguities that inevitably occur when you deal with humans. Natural language, even legal language, is amazingly imprecise, but your code has to deal with it. In this respect, computer science is very different to other disciplines, at least in the sciences. Bottom line. While, for efficiency and consistency, your code will be tested automatically, the test outputs will be assessed by human markers, so if your code does sensible things and is (reasonably) well written, it should score well. Fair enough? Cheers MichaelW

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