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Apologies if this is a bit of a redundant question: For project 2, it's been defined that possessive words are all words ending in 's, Whereas contractions are where the apostrophe is used to join two words, for example "should've" from "should have". I know you've already defined possessive words as all words ending in 's, so I infer from that that we're not expected to compensate for words ending in 's that are actually contractions rather than possessive. For example: "The dog's toy" (possessive) vs "The dog's healthy" (contraction of "dog is") Other examples include, it's, he's, she's, that's, etc. all being examples of contractions of "is". For the sake of this project, are we assuming all words ending in 's are possessive, even if in reality they aren't truly possessives?

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