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8:37pm Tue 10th May, Michael W.

> Hello, I came across a weird word from one of the given samples, which is "pain'-killin". Rrevious discussions mentioned that any words joined by one or two hyphens e.g. "one-of-a-kind" & "seven-foot" are counted as a compound word so > > 1) does "pain'-killin" count as a compound word? > 2) And also I asked this before but didn't get a clear answer: > Words joined by double-hyphens e.g. "Oh--I" is counted as 2 right? Since the assignment sheet asks to replace double-hyphens with special characters such as a space character > > Cheers
Hi, 1) Well spotted. I think you'll agree that it is an interesting stylistic choice by the author, to indicate very informal speech, e.g. in Children of the Bush. Logically, it's both a contraction and a compound-word, so therefore also a word. 2) This one is thankfully easy. In the spec it says to treat -- (double hyphen) as a space. Cheers MichaelW

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