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I am a little bit confused. First, in the description, it says:"addition to the set of conjunctions listed above, your program needs to count words, as defined above: simple or compound words, possessives or contractions; each count as 1 word." And then "Count of each of the words listed above. Instances should be counted regardless of capitalisation, reported in lower-case. word (All the words. Each compound-word, possessive and contraction counts as 1 word.) compound_word contraction comma semi_colon sentence" While again, the count of possessive is not in this list and sample profile as well. Does this mean we simply count everything has 's as possessives and use this count to get counts of contractions because, by definition,'s should be treated as possessive rather than contraction? If my understanding is correct, then, WE DON'T NEED TO REPORT THE COUNT OF POSSESIVES BUT ONLY USE IT FOR COUNTING CONTRACTIONS IN THE PROFILE, right? And also "By the way, so long as your program reports the distance, the other information can be ignored, if you wish." Does this mean we only have to return something like "The Euclidian Distance between the two texts is:", when we have two articles but any other information is optional?

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