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3:14am Thu 12th May, ANONYMOUS

I found a really interesting tip. "I think this is the harder of the two tasks. The way you may care to do this is first to transform the text into a sequence of things you want to keep: words and the bits of punctuation we are interested in, one per line. You then use a Sed script to convert these words, punctuation, etc, into a stream of tokens, e.g. "word" presents all words, "comma" represents ",", etc. This script is, arguably, the trickiest part of the project. Spend some time on it and do a lot of testing with different text selections. Once you have the stream of tokens, a fairly simple Awk script can be created to compute the profile. Remember to sort the profile." However, I don't understand certain expressions in it, such as "a sequence of things you want to keep... one per line" and "a stream of tokens". I am not asking what script we are gonna use to achieve this stuff, I am actually asking what we should achieve if we follow this tip, and what it looks like. It would be very kind of you to explain it using pictures as examples.

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