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Hi Michael, While comparing my output profile to the example one for Lawson Sample (Children Of The Bush Sample), my profile is exactly the same except for the contraction count, i.e. words with ' without ending in 's. Your example states contractions = 20, while mine states contractions = 19. I did a thorough check of my code and then many manual counts of the example, and I came to the result of 19 too. Respectfully, I have a sneaking suspicion your code counted "pickin'-up" as a contraction; I would argue this doesn't count as a contraction since it's not a shortening of two words, only one, as well as it not complying with your definition of "contraction" in the program instructions. In your profile, you defined contractions as "a simple word followed by an apostrophe, followed by other alphabetics, e.g. "won't", "shouldn't" " Since "-" is not an alphabetic, I would argue we can't count it as a contraction by your own definition. I had a look through previous questions on Help4407 and I saw a post talking about " pain'-killin' ". You stated there that "pain'-killin' " IS a contraction. Similarly, I would argue "pain'-killin'" doesn't count as a contraction, for the same reason. I don't mean to come across as a nitpick, but since the next stage of my project involves mathematics (normalisation then comparison), I want to make sure I'm starting off with the same numbers you are, and thus this definition affects the program. Warm regards, Justin Hart

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