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5:05pm Sun 15th May, Yulu X.
Edited: shortly thereafter

Hi Michael, Could you please provide some help\clarification on: 1. Would you like the output to be displayed on the screen or saved as a file? At the moment, the output of my program are: "./style_cmp xxx.txt" will trigger the profile content to be displayed on the screen. "./style_cmp xxx1.txt xxx2.txt" will trigger two profiles been generated, but only the result of comparison is displayed on the screen. Is this what you'd expect to see? 2. Can you please provide us with the output from profile creation for the Three Elephant Power (Andrew Barton "Banjo" Patterson) and Kangaroo (D. H. Lawrence) At the moment, my profile creation output matches with yours on the Lawson txt and sample 1,2. However, my text comparison output varies from yours for both Patterson versus Lawrence and Patterson versus Lawson comparison. I suspect that there could be two possible causes, my profile creation output differed from yours or my calculation method was wrong. Given that the actual differences in number were small, I think it is more likely that there are some difference in the profile creation output. Therefore, it would be very useful if you could provide us with your profile creation output for the Three Elephant Power (Andrew Barton "Banjo" Patterson) and Kangaroo (D. H. Lawrence). 3. You mentioned that we are allowed to use Unix tools other than wherever appropriate, so tools that weren't taught in this unit is allowed to be used in this assignment correct? 4. Will I get mark down if I didn't write the program as your suggestion? For example, You suggest to use Sed script to convert words, punctuation, etc, into a stream of token in the profile creation part, however, I use other methods that I'd prefer. 5. What is the level of detail you'd like to see in terms of comments? For assignment 1, I simply annotated each part of the program to explain what I was trying to do. (e.g. Scan the target directory, split the contents of all txt. files to individual words, then save the output to freq.temp) As we still haven't received marks on assignment 1, I just wanted to check with you if this is an satisfactory level of details. Alternatively, I can comment on each lines to explain what it is trying to achieve. Thanks in advance.

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