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5:31pm Mon 16th May, Peter M.

Hi Michael, I've been checking the sentence count for the full text of Huckleberry Finn you provided in your profile (6550). The only way I get this count is with a simple, single character pattern match of either full-stop, question-mark or exclamation mark regardless of what comes before the pattern. Consider the following passage in the text (lines numbers included): 5450 their sublime Shaksperean Spectacle entitled The Balcony Scene in 5451 5452 Romeo and Juliet!!! 5453 5454 Romeo...................................... Mr. Garrick. 5455 5456 Juliet..................................... Mr. Kean. 5457 5458 Assisted by the whole strength of the company! 5459 5460 New costumes, new scenery, new appointments! 5461 5462 Also: 5463 5464 The thrilling, masterly, and blood-curdling Broad-sword conflict In 5465 Richard III.!!! 5466 5467 Richard III................................ Mr. Garrick. 5468 5469 Richmond................................... Mr. Kean. 5470 5471 also: 5472 5473 (by special request,) 5474 5475 Hamlet's Immortal Soliloquy!! 5476 The Assignment definition of a sentence is "a sequence of one or more words followed by either a full stop, question-mark or exclamation mark". Clearly, using the simple pattern match mentioned above will match the extraneous full-stops shown above (as well as the extraneous exclamation marks) and therefore contribute to the overall sentence count. A more accurate pattern match would exclude those extraneous full stops/exclamation marks and by my estimation reduce the sentence count by 145 for just this excerpt alone. That's still within the 10% margin which I believe you will allow for but this is only one small excerpt from one text. So, my dilemma is to whether to continue to use the simple pattern match, which by the way is also consistent with the first three sample profiles, for the sake of matching the sample profiles (despite its inaccuracy) or risk the possibility of failing the auto-marking by under-estimating the count potentially by more than 10% by applying a more accurate search pattern. Look forward to your comments. Cheers, Peter

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