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10:30pm Thu 26th May, Michael W.

> Considering the feedback was released after the deadline, is it save to assume that we will not be penalized on the above points?
Hi Everyone, While Daniels post at this late stage is a little unhelpful, let's analyse what he said. To recap """ 1 Test to make sure your code it do all the examples shown in the project page. 2 Test your code INSIDE THE DOCKER ENVIRONMENT. Shell commands on mac DO NOT behave the same as on linux 3 Make sure you name your files correctly as specified on the assignment page 4 Use sensible variable names and consistent indenting 5 Avoid repeating large sections of code. Use functions or subscripts to avoid this, or ideally, rearrange your code so that stuff only needs to happen once """ (I have just number the points). *) Points 3, 4 and 5 are things that I've raised in the lectures (generally several times). *) Point 1 is really just sensible advice, seeing I gave you test data and target output. More to the point, for Ass2 I said that small examples need to be exact, while, for the larger texts, we will allow a margin of 10% *) Point 2 is something we encountered when a student came to us with perplexing code issues (looked right but didn't quite work), when we discovered that that was due to his code being created on a Mac and the standard environment being used in the unit is Ubuntu. Mostly that does not matter (my solutions were developed on a Mac, but all the assignments were tested on a Ubuntu machine). Unfortunately, that particular person used features only found in the Mac implementation (I think of Sed). You are unlikely to encounter that problem, but that is why we got you to set up Docker. In short, nothing new, really. Fair enough? BTW, I am really sorry that Ass1 marking has taken so long. Not my usual standard, but there were a number of things I did not anticipate, which bogged things down. Cheers MichaelW

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