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 UWA week 20 (1st semester, week 11) ↓
SVG not supported 10:16am Sun 22nd May, ANONYMOUS

So just to confirm, we shouldn't be including 'Roo? Or should this be added as an exception? Thanks

SVG not supported 9:11am Sun 22nd May, ANONYMOUS

When did he say this? (Can't remember any announcement)

 UWA week 19 (1st semester, week 10) ↓
SVG not supported 11:34am Tue 10th May, ANONYMOUS

Can we please get the solutions for lab 8? Thanks

SVG not supported 3:39pm Mon 9th May, ANONYMOUS

Can we please get the solutions to lab 8 uploaded? Cheers

SVG not supported 2:11pm Mon 9th May, ANONYMOUS

Is it possible to continue recording the teams meeting in addition to the regular recording as a safeguard?

 UWA week 18 (1st semester, week 9) ↓
SVG not supported 10:38am Tue 3rd May, ANONYMOUS

Hi, can we please get the solutions to both lab 6 and 8 uploaded? Thanks

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