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 UWA week 20 (1st semester, week 11) ↓
SVG not supported 2:40pm Tue 17th May, Marc E.

Here's the thing - if I count 'Roo as NOT a contraction, I get the sample profile right. However, I now get the Hucklebery Finn.txt incorrect for the number of contractions. Now, I adapt my code to match Hucklebery, but I now get the short sample pro...

SVG not supported 11:33am Tue 17th May, Marc E.

So, I am not sure if I am going crazy here. Note, I have tried the following on both the full text, and a list of words I had already parsed - they have the same results for me. The profile given for Hucklebery Finn.txt has 4 "also". Using an exact gr...

SVG not supported 2:10pm Mon 16th May, Marc E.

"Yeah its fine, its beyond this unit" - but we still need to get the sample profiles right. What I am asking is if Michael is actually counting a sentence as the number of full stops exclamation mars question marks? If I "correctly" find a way to ...

 UWA week 19 (1st semester, week 10) ↓
SVG not supported 10:06pm Sun 15th May, Marc E.

Hi Michael, Sorry for bringing it up again - sample profile 1 says there are 12 sentences, but a manual count shows 11 sentences. How should we handle that? There are 12 full stops, does that mean that your code is only counting the number of full st...

SVG not supported 4:14pm Sat 14th May, Marc E.

Hi Michael, For the first sample you have given us, the profile says that there are 12 sentences. However, I am repeatedly (manually) counting 11 sentences. There are, however, 12 full stops. Did your profile count the full stops as sentences by mista...

 UWA week 17 (1st semester, week 8) ↓
SVG not supported 11:58pm Wed 27th Apr, Marc E.

Hello, See the updated information of the assignment. "Sudan" is ambiguous and will not be tested for. As long as you "human-proof" your program sensibly you should be fine. Cheers, Marc

SVG not supported 8:46pm Tue 26th Apr, Marc E.

Hi Michael, That's a relief, thank you for your clarification. I'll focus on the other aspects of my program instead. Cheers, Marc

SVG not supported 8:20pm Tue 26th Apr, Marc E.

Hi I have read the past thread regarding the program speed, so far my Part1 is doing good (not the 0.2 second that Michael has but my time is still ok). However, I am having problems with Part 2 in terms of speed. I have tried everything to reduce the...

SVG not supported 5:16am Tue 26th Apr, Marc E.

Hi From my understanding, the .zip file for submission should contain the following files - incedenceOfMalaria.csv - malaria incidence - common words However, do we also add the test directory with .txt files for Part 2 of the assignment? Like so - inc...

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