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SVG not supported 8:50am Sun 22nd May, Alicia L.

Hi, I think it's the last example 'em that Micheal hasn't counted. He said to keep things simple since examples like 'em is considered beyond the scope. I had asked him a similar question about contractions and that was what he replied.

SVG not supported 2:34pm Wed 18th May, Alicia L.

Yup thanks so much Micheal This helps a lot So I can see that you miscounted "ordinary-sized", which is supposed to be a hyphenated word. It's found here in the text "...the foot of the steps two ordinary-sized gladstones,..."

SVG not supported 1:41pm Wed 18th May, Alicia L.

Hmmm sorry Micheal, don't mean to be calculative but I did double-check what I have and pretty sure mine doesn't calculate the em dashes since it automatically separated any words by white spaces. So the example you've given, "mixed lot - taxi-driver...

SVG not supported 10:42am Wed 18th May, Alicia L.

so when I manually counted, it is 35

SVG not supported 10:40am Wed 18th May, Alicia L.

Just to make it easier, this is list of compound words that I got from the Lawrence sample shirt-sleeves taxi-drivers blue-overalled grass-lawn fresh-faced pale-faced well-dressed self-possession foreign-looking self-possession comical-looking foreign-looking Ha...

SVG not supported 9:12am Wed 18th May, Alicia L.

Hi Micheal, I tried reloading the files and still got the same result. My contraction count for the Lawrence sample is 35, but yours is 34. And my word count for Lawrence is 139, but yours is 138.

SVG not supported 8:45am Wed 18th May, Alicia L.

Thanks for the upload Micheal However I want to point out that apparently your program does not count "more-or-less" as a compound. I'm not sure about this but I think you did mention before that multiple-hyphenated words as such should also be coun...

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