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 UWA week 23 (1st semester, 1st exam week) ↓
SVG not supported 3:18pm Mon 6th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Hi. I believe what we're expected to do is have one computer phone set up with teams, with the camera facing us and making sure our main computer's screen (where we do the text on LMS) is visible. Otherwise the invigilator can't see what you're doing...

SVG not supported 1:39pm Mon 6th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Isn't this the same as just using one computer? My understanding is that we're not screen sharing, just showing our webcams, to the invigilator?

 UWA week 21 (1st semester, week 12) ↓
SVG not supported 4:43pm Fri 27th May, ANONYMOUS

Understood. Thank you for clarifying.

SVG not supported 3:00pm Fri 27th May, ANONYMOUS

There may be an error in Michael's marking. For the word rank script, he seems to be calculating rank as the 'nth row' in an ordered list, rather than doing a proper rank algorithm, that traverses the list and only increments rank if words have diffe...

SVG not supported 8:57pm Thu 26th May, ANONYMOUS

You know project 2 was due on Monday, right?

 UWA week 20 (1st semester, week 11) ↓
SVG not supported 3:30pm Fri 20th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Michael. Just wondering what's the best practice for naming our helper scripts. I noticed for our projects, the final scripts don't have a .sh extension, but for our own helper scripts, should we give them the .sh extension? Many thanks

SVG not supported 3:21pm Fri 20th May, ANONYMOUS

This is a very good point. Since Michael has said so in the forum, I've made my code take "pickin'-up" as both contraction and compound, even though it does not fit the spec. I hope we will not be penalised either way.

SVG not supported 1:50pm Fri 20th May, ANONYMOUS

Yes, 1309 words instead of 1308 words, right?

 UWA week 19 (1st semester, week 10) ↓
SVG not supported 8:29am Fri 13th May, ANONYMOUS

I had a think about this (as I'm doing the same thing), and I realized that in terms of efficiency, it's not a big difference. UNLESS you're cutting data on each sed call to reduce the number of steps. If you loop over n lines 50 times, and perform 2...

SVG not supported 2:56pm Thu 12th May, ANONYMOUS

Michael, thank you for clarifying. Can I ask, when using a Sed script and running several commands, does it trawl through the data just once, or again for each command? For instance, if converting text to tokens, and I do sed -e (command that tokenis...

SVG not supported 1:37pm Thu 12th May, ANONYMOUS

May I just add, the focus in this course is putting pre-built programs together. We haven't studied their underlying implementations. So it would be difficult to ascertain the O complexity of our programs.

SVG not supported 7:12am Wed 11th May, ANONYMOUS

You need full stops to count sentences.

SVG not supported 5:01pm Tue 10th May, ANONYMOUS

Understood. This may be something you want to bring up to Michael in an email.

SVG not supported 4:17pm Tue 10th May, ANONYMOUS

I don't think so. I'd expect awk to come up. It's unfortunate that the audio wasn't recorded, but if you read through the lecture slides, they explain it quite clearly. Michael didn't cover anything that wasn't on the slides.

SVG not supported 4:01pm Tue 10th May, ANONYMOUS

Not all heroes wear capes. It was my pleasure.

SVG not supported 9:44am Tue 10th May, ANONYMOUS

Michael, I'm still getting 95. Here is a manual count. Am I counting any words here that shouldn't be counted? (Proper nouns, words that begin with apostrophes? etc.)

SVG not supported 8:59pm Mon 9th May, ANONYMOUS

Going through and manually counting the other samples. There's some small discrepancies between Michael's results and the actual results. As long as these are being marked by a human (and not inaccurate automated tests), it should be ok.

SVG not supported 8:25pm Mon 9th May, ANONYMOUS

Getting 95 as well. Also, anyone else get 13 (instead of 12) 'and' for sample 1? Manually counted it too.

 UWA week 17 (1st semester, week 8) ↓
SVG not supported 8:00pm Sat 30th Apr, ANONYMOUS

This is really great. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I think in general, there's just been some confusion regarding expected inputs outputs for both parts of the project. Michael's done a great job clarifying this in the forums, but I still...

SVG not supported 6:08pm Sat 30th Apr, ANONYMOUS

This is true. The outputs to the tests are very sensitive to how you parse the text. For instance, I'm not sure if Michael has allowed for apostrophes in words, in his example (he's, she's, don't, won't), as I'm getting Alice as the 11th, not 12th, m...

SVG not supported 3:52pm Fri 29th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Sorry, my bad. That was just intended to be pseudocode. You're right. Call your scripts correctly.

SVG not supported 3:15pm Fri 29th Apr, ANONYMOUS

You should be able to call the python file like any other script, within your shell script. Eg. python file "text" It just takes an input, returns an output.

SVG not supported 2:24pm Fri 29th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Likewise. I'm a little confused, as the grep method is much simpler?

SVG not supported 10:02am Fri 29th Apr, ANONYMOUS

That's a very good point Michael, and thank you for clarifying. A good number of this course will be coming from the point of view of software engineering, where inputs and usage are expected to be thorough and deterministic. For them, it is difficul...

SVG not supported 9:47am Fri 29th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Sorry Michael, I didn't see your reply when I wrote my response below. So we can assume that the user will express a country in the same language format that will be in the CSV? (I'm assuming we're not being asked to implement an algorithm that handl...

SVG not supported 9:43am Fri 29th Apr, ANONYMOUS

This is a really good point, as it applies to every country in the list. Simple examples include "Iran" vs "Iran (Islamic Republic of)" and "Korea" vs "South Korea" vs "Republic of Korea". But truthfully, how an individual may express a country's nam...

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