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 UWA week 23 (1st semester, 1st exam week) ↓
SVG not supported 10:59am Wed 8th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Hi Michael, I was wondering if there are any news about project marks solutions release dates? )

SVG not supported 10:04pm Mon 6th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Sorry, I mean in general - we can code the solutions if we feel comfortable quickly creating a little program and testing in on the go. But yeah bash sed awk - depending on the question

SVG not supported 1:11pm Mon 6th Jun, ANONYMOUS

But we can code the solution in bash if it will help us?

SVG not supported 1:09pm Mon 6th Jun, ANONYMOUS

Does that mean you can release the test cases, like you did for project 1. I hope you will consider doing this.

 UWA week 22 (1st semester, study break) ↓
SVG not supported 4:41pm Sun 5th Jun, ANONYMOUS

I would love that as well 100 support this. Just like Michael released the tests after ass1, to release it for ass2 so we can have some idea. It will give people confidence before going into exam. I hope you will consider it

SVG not supported 6:49pm Thu 2nd Jun, ANONYMOUS

thank you. Got it Just out curiosity, is it possible that the marks for ass2 will be released before the exam?

SVG not supported 2:31pm Thu 2nd Jun, ANONYMOUS

Hi I cant seem to see file attached.

 UWA week 21 (1st semester, week 12) ↓
SVG not supported 2:44pm Fri 27th May, ANONYMOUS

I can confirm, I can see my mark now, thank you

SVG not supported 11:13pm Thu 26th May, ANONYMOUS

I think a lot of people just worried because for this unit marking is pretty strict, its either you get it right and get the marks, or you dont get it right and lose a lot of marks. That's why 50 of the grade that "hangs in the air" at the moment is...

SVG not supported 9:11pm Thu 26th May, ANONYMOUS

Considering the feedback was released after the deadline, is it save to assume that we will not be penalized on the above points?

SVG not supported 5:51pm Wed 25th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Michael, will the marks be released before the weekend?

 UWA week 20 (1st semester, week 11) ↓
SVG not supported 10:01pm Fri 20th May, ANONYMOUS

Hello Michael, is it possible that your program counts "that'd" as two words? As I think I got it to match and that is the only logical explanation why it is not matching. Because my contractions are off by 1 and that counts is off by 1

SVG not supported 8:38am Thu 19th May, ANONYMOUS

Hello Michael, was wondering if you had a chance to fix this one?

SVG not supported 4:46pm Wed 18th May, ANONYMOUS

Hello Michael, I have noticed that Patterson sample.txt has 3 contractions, and I only can count 2 - won't and don't. I assume your code calculates 'em as a contraction, however by definition - contraction is a simple word followed by ' followed by le...

SVG not supported 4:09pm Wed 18th May, ANONYMOUS

Yeah i get 35 as well

SVG not supported 2:52pm Wed 18th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Michael. So if I understand correctly, if we get sample profile exactly the same, and book within 10 we should be ok?

SVG not supported 11:30am Tue 17th May, ANONYMOUS

Just bumping my question up as deadline is approaching, and I am getting a bit worried.

SVG not supported 5:35pm Mon 16th May, ANONYMOUS

https run help4407?p np opt B392 sorry wrong link

SVG not supported 5:34pm Mon 16th May, ANONYMOUS

https run help4407?p np opt B393 check this one out.

SVG not supported 2:26pm Mon 16th May, ANONYMOUS

Hmm, not sure actually.. I am just trying to match the profiles that we are given. I am just counting .? and it works fine for the samples (unless, i missed something). But for the longer texts we get 10 margin, so that shouldnt be the issue either...

 UWA week 19 (1st semester, week 10) ↓
SVG not supported 10:35pm Sun 15th May, ANONYMOUS

Thank you for your reply. Understandable. However, if I understand correctly, Monday week will be after the deadline for the project 2, so I was wondering if it would be possible to release the test cases that are used for the marking? This way we ca...

SVG not supported 10:31pm Sun 15th May, ANONYMOUS

"For example, sample1.txt contains "St. Lawrence". English speakers know that St. is a contraction of Saint (or Street), but that is well beyond this unit. From our point of view, it looks like a full-stop after St." Yeah its fine, its beyond this un...

SVG not supported 8:16pm Sun 15th May, ANONYMOUS

I treated them as normal words and got profile correctly. So in my opinion - they are not conjunctions

SVG not supported 6:15pm Sat 14th May, ANONYMOUS

Thank you very much )

SVG not supported 5:29pm Sat 14th May, ANONYMOUS

Would it be possible to get an example of the longer text? So we can at least know if we are withing the 10 margin? Thank you

SVG not supported 5:13pm Sat 14th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi I was just wondering if we will get marks feedback for project 1 before project 2 is due. To use the feedback to improve the code

SVG not supported 7:33pm Fri 13th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi, is possible to get a profile of one of the books?

SVG not supported 10:51pm Tue 10th May, ANONYMOUS

I think automarker will automatically run the different tests, but the outputs will be marked by humans. Correct me if I am wrong

SVG not supported 4:47pm Tue 10th May, ANONYMOUS

Oh okay, I hope Michael thinks otherwise. From my experience in UWA - if lecture wasn t accessible for everyone - it wasn t examined. Otherwise people like me (that didn t watch 2hours of lectures) are significantly disadvantaged over people th...

SVG not supported 2:07pm Tue 10th May, ANONYMOUS

Or to better word it - on the content that was covered in the unrecorded lectures .

SVG not supported 2:04pm Tue 10th May, ANONYMOUS

Does that imply that we will not be examined on "awk" a lot since it wasn't really covered in the lectures?

SVG not supported 10:03am Tue 10th May, ANONYMOUS

I have noticed that all the profiles, that were provided are the profiles of small samples. Would you be able to provide a profile for a book?

SVG not supported 1:12pm Mon 9th May, ANONYMOUS

Was the content of the lectures necessary for the project? As this will disadvantage people that watch lecture recordings. Thank you

SVG not supported 12:10pm Mon 9th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Michael. Is it possible to release the test cases that will be used to mark project 1 so we can play around ourselves, once people with special considerations submit everything? I personally find it very helpful in terms of learning, and understan...

 UWA week 18 (1st semester, week 9) ↓
SVG not supported 6:10pm Fri 6th May, ANONYMOUS

My bad, not sure how did I miss the whole section with profile examples when reading it for the first time. Sorry

SVG not supported 5:58pm Fri 6th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Michael. I was looking at project 2 now and was wondering, would it be possible to provide some input output pairs for the reference like in project 1?

 UWA week 17 (1st semester, week 8) ↓
SVG not supported 8:58am Fri 29th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Hi, sorry if it has already been asked but I didnt find anything about it. I was wondering what to do if there is no "most common word" for example -nth 20 will likely result in all words being different. Or in some cases second most common word coul...

SVG not supported 8:51am Fri 29th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Hi Michael, I am a little bit concerned about the edge cases. For example, before this conversation I didnt realise Viet Nam and Vietnam are both widely used. So I wouldn't even know that it needs to be specifically handled. And of course there are e...

 UWA week 15 (1st semester, non-teaching week) ↓
SVG not supported 3:47pm Wed 13th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Hello just looking at the part 1 of the assignment and I have a few questions 1) are we going to be checked against the excel file provided, or is it just a format of the file? 2) Malaria incidence (per 1 000 population at risk) is the same everywhe...

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