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 UWA week 20 (1st semester, week 11) ↓
SVG not supported 11:54am Fri 20th May, Peter M.

Hi Michael, Just a friendly reminder, if you could please upload the updated version of your lecture notes on Shell functions and Make Makefiles from last Wednesday. Thanks, Peter.

SVG not supported 5:31pm Mon 16th May, Peter M.

Hi Michael, I've been checking the sentence count for the full text of Huckleberry Finn you provided in your profile (6550). The only way I get this count is with a simple, single character pattern match of either full-stop, question-mark or exclamati...

 UWA week 19 (1st semester, week 10) ↓
SVG not supported 9:49pm Sun 15th May, Peter M.

Have you tested on the Huckleberry Finn full text and still match Michael's profile?

SVG not supported 8:03pm Sun 15th May, Peter M.

Does anyone on this forum know the answer to this question For the purposes of Assignment 2, are words that begin with an apostrophe (e.g., "'Roo", "'em") classified as conjunctions or just as simple words?

SVG not supported 8:51am Thu 12th May, Peter M.

Hi Michael, In yesterday's lecture demo awk script "excise.awk", just want to confirm that if COL "", the first 'for' loop is ignored? BEGIN if (COL "") COL 1 start 2 else start 1 for (i start; i CO...

SVG not supported 6:53pm Wed 11th May, Peter M.

All good now Michael - thanks

SVG not supported 4:52pm Wed 11th May, Peter M.

Hi Michael, Just letting you know, as a of a few moments ago, Lecture 14 was still not accessible (to me at least) from the CITS4407 CITS2003 OPEN SOURCE TOOLS AND SCRIPTING website. Thanks, Peter.

SVG not supported 9:55am Tue 10th May, Peter M.

Hi Michael, sample2.txt contains the compound word "one-and-only". Is the embedded "and" in this instance excluded from the conjunction count? Cheers, Peter

 UWA week 16 (1st semester, week 7) ↓
SVG not supported
sed  (both)
10:21am Wed 20th Apr, Peter M.

Using sed, suppose I wanted to replace any character that was member of a class of characters, e.g. punctuation. I know I can use a POSIX character class as a RegEx to do this. However, what if I wanted to exclude one or more characters in this class...

SVG not supported 6:14pm Mon 18th Apr, Peter M.

Hi Ryan, I just want to add to this thread by throwing out the question what is the strict definition of a 'word' for this assignment? What about the plural form e.g. bird and birds? With reference to the preceding discussion, if we ignore punctuatio...

SVG not supported 5:51pm Mon 18th Apr, Peter M.

Hi Ryan, When I remove the BOM, my method no longer produces the empty line. I now see your point about using tail. Thanks, Peter.

SVG not supported 1:11pm Mon 18th Apr, Peter M.

Thanks for the reply Ryan. I feel more comfortable having 'cleaned' all my text files (removed BOM and Ms). I'm not entirely clear on the meaning of the last paragraph of your reply however. Do you mean that is better to permanently edit the text fi...

 UWA week 12 (1st semester, week 4) ↓
SVG not supported 2:05pm Thu 24th Mar, Peter M.

RE Lecture 6 slide 9 I made the assumption that uses the same flags as test (BTW, how do you look up in the man pages???) and tried the following book test -f book echo ? 0 -f book echo ? 1 Anyone have any idea why the exit status is ...

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