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9:06pm Tue 17th May, ANONYMOUS

Hello, I'm just wondering if decomposing the tasks in Assignment 2 into external shell scripts would be safe for marking? Because I've decomposed my main coding into 2 tasks: one for counting the occurences of conjunctions, and the other for counting the occurences of others i.e. punctuations, compound words etc. I'm not certain the "allowed to call for other scripts" as mentioned in the assignment would be inclusive of cases like mine? Personally due to how I structure my main code, I feel more comfortable in keeping what I have now (looks more neat and concise) Asking in advance to be safe from penalisation Thanks :)

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9:10pm Tue 17th May, Michael W.

Hi, So long as everything you've created is in the zip file, and, of course, you use names consistently, AND the top level name is what I've specified, then all will be well, as it was for the first assignment. Just assume that everything lives in the one directory. Fair enough? Cheers MichaelW PS Breaking things up is highly recommended.

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