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11:22am Thu 19th May, Justin H.

Hi Michael, Despite setting permissions to chmod 777 in the original file successfully, this seems to show that strangely the rwx permissions didn't carry over to the file I submitted. I've attached a screenshot of my submission ticket, showing only rw permissions are enabled. I've double checked they're enabled and can rw and x the file myself, so I'm not sure why it's still showing rw only, and nothing for all other users. Once I bring it from my mounted directory to my windows system, I can't chmod the file, and moving it seems to change the permissions. In the event permissions aren't set, do markers have the ability to change the permissions, or will they not be able to read my file at all? I suspect I had this problem with my Project 1 submission too. Kind regards Justin

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1:28pm Thu 19th May, Michael W.

Hi Justin, Anything that needs changed permissions, my autotesting program will will do that, never fear. OTOH, any chmod a user script does is rerouted as potentially dangerous. (That is how the person who set everything in the parent directory to 600 did their damage <sigh>). Cheers MichaelW

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