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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Open Source Tools and Scripting (CITS4407).
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UWA week 20 - 1st semester, week 10

photo Re: some question about assignment2 task3 (all 4)
Sun 17th May, 4:51pm, Thanh T.
The nearest train stop (belongs to Joondalup Line and I can transit at Perth Station id = 87) from my location is 2291 meters when I used Haversine formula to calculate. So I will go the further steps of this question or write a shellscript that there...
photo Re: Assignment 2 Q2 (all 13)
Fri 15th May, 12:32pm, Thanh T.
Thanks Christ.
photo Re: Assignment 2 Q2 (all 13)
Fri 15th May, 2:25am, Thanh T.
When I used loop to print each line the file. It printed out " ... ... [03/May/2020:03:09:27 +0800] "GET /run/help2200?p=np HTTP/1.1" 200 42477" It is not on the same line. Does this question require us to do some data cleaning before draw charts?
photo Re: Assignment 2 Q1 (all 16)
Tue 12th May, 10:42pm, Thanh T.
- Do the script updateversion print file with different verision from others? - I have added target updaterversion inside the Makefile, so do we need to submit both file??? Thank you so much.
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