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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Open Source Tools and Scripting (CITS4407).
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UWA week 24 - 1st semester, 1st exam week

photo Re: Final Exam (all 5)
Fri 12th Jun, 10:28am, Mingbo Z.  O.P.
Your reply helps. Thank you!
photo Final Exam (all 5)
Thu 11th Jun, 6:39pm, Mingbo Z.
Hi Chris, Do we need memorize any concepts about Unix for final exam? Or we just need to understand those concepts?

UWA week 21 - 1st semester, week 11

photo Re: Assignment2 Q3 maps (all 8)
Mon 18th May, 3:20pm, Mingbo Z.
Thank you for telling me this. I just knew google will charge us for using thier map API. Well, it sucks. I saw another map web David mentioned in this topic and found a guide to use it. I am not sure it would work or not. https://www.linux.com/news/displaying-maps-...

UWA week 20 - 1st semester, week 10

photo Re: Assignment2 Q3 maps (all 8)
Sun 17th May, 3:16pm, Mingbo Z.
You can use the google charts to show pins and map. https://developers.google.com/chart/interactive/docs/gallery/map
photo Assignment2, Q3 (all 4)
Sat 16th May, 5:57pm, Mingbo Z.
Hi, Chris For task3, can we assume that the walking route between the start point and the station always is a straight line, or we need to find a shortest route according to the map? Thanks.
photo Re: Assignment2, Q2 (all 13)
Fri 15th May, 5:54pm, Mingbo Z.  O.P.
I mean like if we get data from April. the month format in logfile would be Apr or April?
photo Re: Assignment2, Q2 (all 13)
Fri 15th May, 5:04pm, Mingbo Z.  O.P.
One more question, the foramt of month in logfile is short one or full one? Thank you!
photo Re: Assignment2, Q2 (all 13)
Fri 15th May, 4:31pm, Mingbo Z.  O.P.
Hi Chris, For task 2, do we need to do the data clean? Or we just need to write out the script to draw the graph no matter whether the data is noisy. Thank you!
photo Assignment 2, Q2 (all 13)
Thu 14th May, 3:10pm, Mingbo Z.
Hi Chris, For the task2, the data is always from a text file, right? Thank you!
photo Assignment 2, Q1 (all 16)
Mon 11th May, 4:47pm, Mingbo Z.
Hi Chris, For the first task, do we need to detect the change of project content? When we run the shellscript, we just need to update the version number. Or our shellscript only update the version number when the content was changed. Thank you!
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