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UWA week 21 - 1st semester, study break

photo The Unix philosophy
Sat 29th May 2021, 6:32pm, William A.
Hi, not sure if you reply to these since you haven't replied to the other ones but I'd like to ask for a bit of direction on what part of the Unix philosophy we are expected to know for the exam? In particular, you linked

UWA week 15 - 1st semester, week 7

photo ^ meaning in regex (both)
😕Thu 15th Apr 2021, 7:27pm, William A.
Hi, I'm a little confused at the meaning of the caret symbol ^ in regular expression. From what I understand it means the "start of a line" but I looked up negation in regular expression and it seems to be the same symbol. Could you please clarify this...

UWA week 10 - 1st semester, week 3

photo Lecture 3 Expansion slide (both)
Sun 14th Mar 2021, 5:44pm, William A.
You mentioned towards the end of the lecture that the Expansion slide for Lecture 3 needed to be fixed- which part needed to be fixed? On the slide there is ":::foo", what does that mean? Thanks!!
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