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UWA week 23 - 1st semester, 2nd exam week

photo Assignment 1 marks and sample solutions
Thu 10th Jun 2021, 11:47am, Arran S.
As many people have already noticed, your assignment 1 mark is available in csmarks (, together with a PDF report providing a breakdown of your mark and feedback from markers. Sample solutions are available here...

UWA week 20 - 1st semester, week 12

photo Re: Permission denied when using make report.html (both)
Thu 20th May 2021, 12:33pm, Arran S.
Hi Muhammad, Are you able to post this on the Assignment 2 channel in MS Teams? I set it up specifically for getting help with the assignment, so more students are looking there - and if someone else already has a solution, you're more likely to get a...
photo Re: Could we use the gitpod this time? (both)
Mon 17th May 2021, 1:59pm, Arran S.
Hi Haixin. Not using the repository that's in GitHub classrooms, I don't think. Because people made their assignment 1 code public on GitHub, the repositories you've got this time round have only limited capabilities. You can push to and pull from them,...

UWA week 19 - 1st semester, week 11

photo Useful Reddit forum
Fri 14th May 2021, 3:07pm, Arran S.
Hi all - If you're using WSL2 on Windows to access an Ubuntu environment - you might find the following subreddit a useful source of information: cheers, Arran
photo Assignment 2 channel in MS Teams
Fri 14th May 2021, 1:59pm, Arran S.
Hi all, I've created an MS Teams channel for Assignment 2 discussion, here: When posting, please remember to: * Check the channel to see if your question has already been answered. To search the channel, type "/find" in the search bar;...
photo Re: Assignment 2 - PDF file required? (both)
Fri 14th May 2021, 1:53pm, Arran S.
Hi Chang, I've created an Assignment 2 channel in MS teams, and addressed that question here: cheers, Arran
photo Re: Error while adding image from web to md file (both)
Thu 13th May 2021, 1:17pm, Arran S.
Hi Inara, It's difficult to diagnose this without seeing exactly what your code is - I suggest showing it to one of the lab teaching staff. Or, if you want me to take a look, email me to set up an appointment time. Cheers Arran
photo Assignment 2 availabe
Thu 13th May 2021, 1:16pm, Arran S.
Assignment 2 is available. It is a private repository, as some students unfortunately made their work available in public repositories for Assignment 1. You will need to have a GitHub account, and to visit the following link, in order to view the assignment:...

UWA week 17 - 1st semester, week 9

photo Upcoming University Computer Club (UCC) event, Tues 4 May
Thu 29th Apr 2021, 4:18pm, Arran S.
Hi all, The University Computer Club (UCC) is running an "Introduction to LaTeX" next week - there's a Facebook event for it, here: LaTeX is the typesetting software used to produce the lecture slide and...
photo Re: Online classes this week; assessments (both)
Tue 27th Apr 2021, 7:47am, Arran S.  O.P.
Please see the posting here:
photo Online classes this week; assessments (both)
Tue 27th Apr 2021, 7:46am, Arran S.
Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well and the lockdown has not caused too much inconvenience. Due to restrictions on attending the UWA campus, we will not have face-to-face classes this week - all lectures and labs will be accessible via MS Teams. Also,...

UWA week 16 - 1st semester, week 8

photo Re: Three-day lockdown in Perth and Peel region from midnight tonight, masks mandatory from 6pm (both)
Fri 23rd Apr 2021, 3:35pm, Arran S.  O.P.
Please see the announcement at
photo Three-day lockdown in Perth and Peel region from midnight tonight, masks mandatory from 6pm (both)
Fri 23rd Apr 2021, 3:34pm, Arran S.
Hi all, please note the lockdown just announced by the WA premier, Mark McGowan: perth-outbreak/100091354 For CITS4407 - we have no classes in the next three days, so...
photo Assignment 1 submission
Thu 22nd Apr 2021, 11:37am, Arran S.
Hi all, The CITS4407 Git marking server I've created seems to work so far, so we'll be using that for Assignment 1 submission. However note that if you run into difficulties with it, you can still submit using cssubmit - just zip up your whole repository...
photo Re: How to submit the assignment1? (all 4)
Thu 22nd Apr 2021, 11:34am, Arran S.
Hi Luda, I've amended the assignment spec to show the submission procedure -- see here: But note that if it doesn't work for any reason, you can just zip up your repository and submit using cssubmit. cheers...
photo Re: How to submit the assignment1? (all 4)
Tue 20th Apr 2021, 5:32pm, Arran S.
p.s. If you'd like to volunteer to test out the submission process, it'd be appreciated - email me and let me know. In return, all I can offer is undying gratitude, and starburst jelly- babies. cheers Arran
photo Re: How to submit the assignment1? (all 4)
Tue 20th Apr 2021, 4:41pm, Arran S.
Hi Luda. I am just testing the submission process at the moment and ironing out bugs. Hopefully, you will be able to submit the assignment by typing: git add remote http://SUBMISSION_SERVER_ADDRESS git push -u origin master I should know by tomorrow if it's...
photo Revised assignment specification
Mon 19th Apr 2021, 3:43pm, Arran S.
Hi all - I've released a revised assignment spec; check out the Assignment 1 repository on GitHub. If you've been keeping up with posts in the MS Teams Assignment 1 channel, there shouldn't be anything there to surprise you. There are no substantive changes...
photo Re: output into a temp file (all 3)
Mon 19th Apr 2021, 1:11pm, Arran S.
You might have more luck posting your questions in the Assignment 1 channel on MS Teams. See my posting here -
photo Re: Lab times (both)
Mon 19th Apr 2021, 1:11pm, Arran S.
Yes, there are. See
photo Re: ^ meaning in regex (both)
😕Mon 19th Apr 2021, 1:05pm, Arran S.
Hi William, Good question! When found at the start of a regex, "^" does indeed match the start of a line. So "^alpha" means that to match, a line must contain "alpha" at the start of a line. Okay, so what about this regex?: alpha^beta It is basically meaningless,...

UWA week 15 - 1st semester, week 7

photo Questions for today's lecture
Thu 15th Apr 2021, 12:11pm, Arran S.
Hi all, I'll spend some time in today's lecture on problems people have had relating to the assignment. If you have a question you'd like addressed - make a post in the "Assignment 1" channel on MS Teams, saying you'd like me to go over it in the lecture,...
photo Re: Query about Virtual Box on Windows 10 (all 3)
Thu 15th Apr 2021, 12:09pm, Arran S.
Glad to hear you got it sorted. Google is a great source of help when troubleshooting Linux problems :) cheers Arran
photo Re: Labs, and questions for lab teaching staff (both)
Wed 14th Apr 2021, 10:19am, Arran S.  O.P.
If wanting to ask assignment 1 questions in labs - please see the announcement at
photo Labs, and questions for lab teaching staff (both)
Wed 14th Apr 2021, 9:54am, Arran S.
Hi all - I hope your assignment work is progressing well. As per my previous announcements, if you have questions about the assignment for the lab teaching staff, we ask that you post these *before* the lab. We want to ensure we don't double up answering...
photo Re: awk command deleting blank spaces (both)
Mon 12th Apr 2021, 10:30am, Arran S.
Hi Muhammad. The right hand side of this assignment statement just needs to go in double quotes. In general, to get Bash to preserve spaces in something, you need to put it in double quotes. So this will work: $ line2="$(awk 'NR==2 {print; exit}' < example1)"...

UWA week 14 - 1st semester, non-teaching week

photo Accessing the standard Assignment 1 environment in your web browser using GitPod
Fri 9th Apr 2021, 3:09pm, Arran S.
Hi all, If you're having any trouble accessing Ubuntu and Docker on your computer, I've added a page on the Assignment 1 wiki: Accessing the assignment environment on the Web using GitPod (A reminder that any assignment submissions...
photo Re: confusion for question in workshop4 (all 3)
Thu 8th Apr 2021, 3:44pm, Arran S.
Hi Ao - Good on you for checking. Here is a question for you - suppose you were right, and echo "*" should indeed display an asterisk. How do you think we might work out what Bash is *supposed* to do in this situation - is there any other way you can think...
photo Dedicated Assignment 1 discussion channel in Teams
Thu 8th Apr 2021, 3:42pm, Arran S.
Hi all, I've set up a dedicated channel for Assignment 1 discussion in MS Teams. Just follow this (rather unwieldy) link: acv2/assignment1?groupId=cabb4ad4-d1ad-4957-bcbc-89b315ed9eaf&tenantId=05894af0-cb28-...
photo Assignment 1 available
Wed 7th Apr 2021, 8:19pm, Arran S.
Apologies for the delay. Assignment 1 is available - see the website, here: and/or the GitHub repository here: I hope to have the testing environment available shortly....

UWA week 13 - 1st semester, week 6

photo Re: Today's lecture - summary (both)
Thu 1st Apr 2021, 4:18pm, Arran S.  O.P.
..ks for "Is the code easy to read?", "Is this well laid-out and clear" -- but only a few (3-4 marks out of 20, say), because people programming for the first time may not have a clear idea of what makes code hard or easy to read. cheers Arran
photo Today's lecture - summary (both)
Thu 1st Apr 2021, 4:16pm, Arran S.
Hi all, Today MS Teams just wouldn't start on the lecture podium computer - despite my trying the "turn it off and turn it on again" tactic. Some update must have broken it ... I'll get the Service Desk to look into it. (Another reason why open source...
photo Re: Week 6 Lecture Thur 1st April (both)
Thu 1st Apr 2021, 4:00pm, Arran S.
Yup - posting that now - one sec. And have a good Easter :) cheers Arran
photo Re: Note - no labs next week (all 3)
Thu 1st Apr 2021, 2:50pm, Arran S.  O.P.
Hi Heng, Unfortunately not - if we permitted that, then everyone (who can) would just turn up to the 4pm lab, which would (a) overload Dan, our lab facilitator, (b) potentially overcrowd the lab, which we are not permitted to do - we must maintain social...
photo Re: Workshop solutions (all 3)
Thu 1st Apr 2021, 2:48pm, Arran S.
Hi Marion - I've just posted the solutions for last week's workshop (week 5), it should appear on the website in a minute. If there is anything in weeks 2-3 you're unsure of, perhaps post here specifically asking about it, and I can suggest solutions or...
photo Re: Assignment 1 (both)
Thu 1st Apr 2021, 2:03pm, Arran S.
Hi Jevon - Apologies for the delay - assignment 1 is not released yet. I expect to release it over the long weekend, but will extend the deadline so there's still time to work on it. The reason for the delay is: we want to make sure everyone has access to...

UWA week 12 - 1st semester, week 5

photo Re: The answer of workshop (all 3)
Fri 26th Mar 2021, 6:03pm, Arran S.
Hi Ao, From previous weeks, only last week's workshop (week 4) required you to write any code, I believe - but let me know if there is anything else in the workshops you would like clarified. At any rate, I've posted a sample solution for week 4 to the...
photo Note - no labs next week (all 3)
Fri 26th Mar 2021, 4:43pm, Arran S.
Note that because most of our labs are on a Friday, and because next Friday is a university holiday (Good Friday), there will be no labs running next week. Cheers Arran
photo Re: The answer of workshop (all 3)
Fri 26th Mar 2021, 2:13pm, Arran S.
Hi Ao, Yes, I'll put those up this afternoon. cheers Arran
photo Re: Pasting from windows clipboard into Vim (all 6)
Fri 26th Mar 2021, 2:13pm, Arran S.
Hi Tze, Unfortunately terminals in Windows don't behave exactly the way they do in Linux. Two more things you might want to try: 1. You could try copying and pasting with keystrokes instead of the mouse. You have to specify that you want to allow copy and...

UWA week 11 - 1st semester, week 4

photo Re: Feedback survey (all 3)
Thu 18th Mar 2021, 4:04pm, Arran S.  O.P.
That should be fixed now - the correct link is to the normal CITS4407 website.
photo Re: Lecture 3 Expansion slide (both)
Tue 16th Mar 2021, 4:42pm, Arran S.
Hi William, The part that says ":::foo" needs to be fixed. It means that when I wrote the slides -- they are written in Markdown (, which we'll look at in later weeks -- I included some invalid syntax. I didn't get...

UWA week 10 - 1st semester, week 3

photo Feedback survey (all 3)
Fri 12th Mar 2021, 4:53pm, Arran S.
Hi all, We want to ensure everyone doing the unit is able to access lectures, lab/workshops, and an Ubuntu 20.04 environment on which to complete exercises and assignments. We also want to find out what people are finding useful (or not) about the unit....
photo Re: week-3 quiz (all 5)
Thu 11th Mar 2021, 8:56am, Arran S.  O.P.
It's 10% of the total. The aim was to have an assessment early on which would give students some feedback about their understanding of the content, not be worth as much as the exam or assignments, and be at a level of difficulty where students who have...
photo Re: Week 3 quiz (all 5)
Tue 9th Mar 2021, 8:15am, Arran S.  O.P.
Hi Fangting, I have not set a time limit on the quiz in LMS. I don't think that would be a very good idea. LMS sessions typically "time out" after a while if left unattended. If you want to be sure your answers are submitted, I'd suggest just doing it in...

UWA week 9 - 1st semester, week 2

photo Re: Week 3 Quiz Details Question (all 4)
Fri 5th Mar 2021, 9:30pm, Arran S.
Hi Ali, Thanks for spotting that :) I'll fix it now. cheers, Arran
photo Re: Week 3 Quiz Details Question (all 4)
Fri 5th Mar 2021, 4:09pm, Arran S.
Hi Tze, I have just added the quiz details to the website - see my posting here:
photo Week 3 quiz (all 5)
Fri 5th Mar 2021, 4:08pm, Arran S.
Hi all - As noted on the schedule, there is an online quiz next week - I've added the details to the Assessment page, here: If you have any queries, feel free to post them here. cheers Arran
photo Streamed lectures will now be accessible via MS Teams
Fri 5th Mar 2021, 1:44pm, Arran S.
Hi all, Since I haven't been able to resolve the issues with Zoom in the lecture venue we have (the Austin Lecture Hall), we will try streaming the lectures using MS Teams, instead. I've added instructions on the website Resources page of how to access...
photo Attending other labs & using UWA computers
Fri 5th Mar 2021, 12:57pm, Arran S.
Hi all, As I mentioned in lectures, you're welcome to attend any labs you like, in addition to the one you're allocated to in CAS, as long as there's room for you: - We need to maintain social distancing, so we can't have too many people physically in ...
photo Re: Lab/workshops (all 4)
Thu 4th Mar 2021, 4:42pm, Arran S.  O.P.
Hi Hiaxin - As long as there aren't more than about 30 people trying to attend a lab, I don't mind which lab you go to - in fact you can go to more than one, if you want. If there are more than 30 people, the lab demonstrator may have trouble dealing with...
photo Streaming today's lecture
Thu 4th Mar 2021, 2:58pm, Arran S.
Due to technical difficulties, today's lecture won't be streamed. But you'lol be able to access the recording via LMS.
photo Re: Difference between 'Terminal' , 'Command Line', 'Command Prompt', 'Shell' and 'Powershell' (all 4)
Thu 4th Mar 2021, 12:35pm, Arran S.
Hi Marlon. I would not stress about detailed definitions for all these - we'll be looking at Powershell, for instance, in week 12, and you'll find out all about it then. And thanks Jason for your definitions. Briefly, I'd say: - "Terminal" means some way...
photo Re: Lab/workshops (all 4)
Thu 4th Mar 2021, 12:23pm, Arran S.  O.P.
For how to access online labs, see the posting at
photo Lab/workshops (all 4)
Thu 4th Mar 2021, 12:22pm, Arran S.
Hi all, Lab sheets are up on the website, together with links for the relevant MS Teams meeting, if you're attending online - see There's a prepatory "lab sheet" up this week, entitled "Accessing Linux"....

UWA week 8 - 1st semester, week 1

photo First lecture (plus Zoom link for students attending online)
Thu 25th Feb 2021, 1:24pm, Arran S.
Hi all - The first lecture is at 3pm this afternoon, in the Austin Lecture Hall (ARTS room 1.59). Slides will be up shortly. For students attending online, we will be streaming the lecture using Zoom. Use the following links: To join from a PC, Mac, iPad,...
photo LMS units incorrectly showing CITS2003 for CITS4407 students
Tue 23rd Feb 2021, 4:51pm, Arran S.
Hi all, Apparently the LMS is showing all CITS4407 sutdents as being enrolled in CITS2003. It seems this is just the way LMS works and cannot be changed. However - it doesn't affect your real enrolment, as shown in StudentConnect, so is nothing to worry...
photo Welcome to Open Source Tools and Scripting
Tue 23rd Feb 2021, 10:44am, Arran S.
Please see the welcome posting at
photo Welcome to Open Source and Scripting
Tue 23rd Feb 2021, 10:43am, Arran S.
Hi all, Welcome to CITS2003 and CITS4407, Open Source Tools and Scripting. The first lecture is at 3pm this Thursday, in the Austin Lecture Hall (ARTS 1.59) - if your timetable is showing something different, please let me know! Lab/workshops start *next*...
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