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Exam advice

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From: Arran S.
Date: Mon 8th Jun 2020, 1:08pm


Hi all.

Some notes about the exam:

Remember to read your student emails: the Vice-Chancellor has sent a number of emails 
explaining how Examplify exams are operating. (And if necessary, e.g. due to spotty 
internet connections, offering the opportunity to sit exams in a university lab.) 

# exam rules

The rules for the examsoft exam are the same as the ones on the 
sample exam.


• The exam has 5 questions with a total value of 50 marks.
• The time allowed to complete the exam is 135 minutes. (2 hour exam plus 15
minutes to allow for any technology overheads)
• This is an ExamSoft exam.
• Printed or handwritten notes are permitted.
• No electronic devices are permitted during the examination.
• Calculators are not allowed for this exam.
• Students may use blank paper for rough working during the exam.
• All answers must be typed in ExamSoft for marking.
• Any feedback for the examiner must be entered using the ExamSoft Notes feedback

The "feedback" feature is there so you can highlight any technical difficulties (e.g. 
"my internet was temporarily unavailable, I was 20 minutes late uploading answers"). 
Any *assumptions* made for the purpose of answering questions, you should just include 
in your answers.

# starting the exam

Note that the password will be available 15 minutes prior to the exam commencement, 
and become unavailable 30 minutes after the exam commences. 
To find the password goto the LMS page for CITS5501, the password will be under 
“Assessments” and then the “Final Exam” folder. 

Once you enter the password:
- you do NOT need to wait at the yellow screen with the big red button; 
- you do NOT need to wait for any instruction from someone else;
- you  CAN start the exam immediately.

Good luck!

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