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UWA week 23 - 1st semester, study break

photo Re: Workshop question - Omnivore (all 5)
Thu 4th Jun 2020, 4:12pm, ANONYMOUS
Isn't it redundant to say both `omnivore in herbivore and omnivore in carnivore` and `herbivore & carnivore = omnivore`? Don't they both lead to the same restriction on the world?
photo ISP Test Cases (both)
Thu 4th Jun 2020, 2:55pm, ANONYMOUS
If we have, for example, three characteristics each with two partitions each - when generating test cases do we have to include each characteristic within the test? Or can we have tests which just incorporate "subsets" of the characteristics. Thanks!...

UWA week 22 - 1st semester, week 12

photo 1d (both)
Wed 27th May 2020, 1:16pm, ANONYMOUS
Hi, 1d states that we should "Explain why they (characteristics) are appropriate, and how you would use them in writing unit tests." Is there any justification we should be looking at in particular in this case?
photo Re: Project query - question 1(b) - tests and fixtures (all 3)
Wed 27th May 2020, 9:41am, ANONYMOUS
Hi Arran, sorry just to clarify - if we are using mocks then can our syntax follow some rough pseudo code which mocks out the relevant class? I just couldn't find any of the relevant Java syntax for mocks in the slides so I was just wondering if we could...

UWA week 21 - 1st semester, week 11

photo Production Coverage (all 4)
Wed 20th May 2020, 8:03am, ANONYMOUS
In the slides there's an example of a syntax like so <integer> ::= <digit>|<integer><digit> <digit> ::= "0" | "1" | "2" | "3" | "4" | "5" | "6" | "7" | "8" | "9" Terminal Symbol Coverage is fairly straightforward to see. However a Production is defined as...

UWA week 18 - 1st semester, week 8

photo Re: What is the password for zoom section? (all 12)
Tue 28th Apr 2020, 2:23pm, ANONYMOUS
Nope no reply - don't think anyone can join the lecture
photo Re: What is the password for zoom section? (all 12)
Tue 28th Apr 2020, 2:21pm, ANONYMOUS
Have emailed him.
photo Re: What is the password for zoom section? (all 12)
Tue 28th Apr 2020, 2:14pm, ANONYMOUS
Has anyone emailed Aaran yet?
photo Password For Lecture
Tue 28th Apr 2020, 2:04pm, ANONYMOUS
Upon clicking on the link used for lectures for the past few weeks - it prompts me for a password? I know UWA has made it so you can't create zoom meetings without a password. Any chance we could get access to this password (not sure if posting it publicly...
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