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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Software Processes (CITS5502).

Articles from 2019 have been restored for units with deferred exams in February 2020.
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UWA week 44 - 2nd semester, study break

Exam location RSS
└─ original   Fri 1st Nov, 12:24pm, Arran S.
Assignment 1 feedback available (all 4) RSS
├─ original   Tue 29th Oct, 2:26pm, Arran S.
├─ reply 1   Tue 29th Oct, 3:42pm, Arran S.  O.P.
├─ reply 2   Tue 29th Oct, 3:45pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 3   Wed 30th Oct, 7:29pm, Arran S.  O.P.
exam revision (both) RSS
├─ original   Tue 29th Oct, 6:19pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Wed 30th Oct, 7:20pm, Arran S.
Assignment 2 marks and feedback available RSS
└─ original   Wed 30th Oct, 7:09pm, Arran S.
Assignment Marking Policy (both) RSS
├─ original   Wed 23rd Oct, 10:04am, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Tue 29th Oct, 1:22pm, Arran S.

UWA week 41 - 2nd semester, week 10

Constraining the parameters RSS
└─ original   Fri 11th Oct, 11:47pm, ANONYMOUS
What is that requirement in Assignment 2 means? (both) RSS
├─ original   Mon 7th Oct, 2:31pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Fri 11th Oct, 2:32pm, Arran S.
Assignment 1 Marks? (both) RSS
├─ original   Fri 11th Oct, 11:42am, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Fri 11th Oct, 2:30pm, Arran S.
cssubmit open for assignment 2 RSS
└─ original   Fri 11th Oct, 2:21pm, Arran S.
no submit section in csmark? (all 4) RSS
├─ original frown Thu 10th Oct, 1:33pm, ANONYMOUS
├─ reply 1   Thu 10th Oct, 6:40pm, Yin Z.
├─ reply 2   Thu 10th Oct, 9:29pm, ANONYMOUS  O.P.
└─ reply 3   Fri 11th Oct, 1:51pm, Terence L.

UWA week 39 - 2nd semester, week 9

Seminar today RSS
└─ original   Thu 26th Sep, 9:55am, Arran S.

UWA week 38 - 2nd semester, week 8

Student/Staff Consultation meeting - 1-2pm Tuesday 24th Sept RSS
└─ original   Sat 21st Sep, 6:16am, Christopher M.
Assignment 2 available (both) RSS
├─ original   Fri 20th Sep, 5:12pm, Arran S.
└─ reply 1   Fri 20th Sep, 5:13pm, Arran S.  O.P.

UWA week 35 - 2nd semester, week 5

Plausibility of Models in Assignment 1 (both) RSS
├─ original   Tue 27th Aug, 5:47pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Thu 29th Aug, 4:29pm, Arran S.
Assignment 1 (all 3) RSS
├─ original   Mon 19th Aug, 1:41pm, Sarah C.
├─ reply 1   Tue 20th Aug, 2:41pm, Arran S.
└─ reply 2   Tue 27th Aug, 4:04pm, ANONYMOUS

UWA week 34 - 2nd semester, week 4

Assignment 1 available (both) RSS
├─ original   Tue 20th Aug, 5:07pm, Arran S.
└─ reply 1   Tue 20th Aug, 5:12pm, Arran S.  O.P.

UWA week 33 - 2nd semester, week 3

Lecture slide (both) RSS
├─ original   Tue 13th Aug, 3:06pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Fri 16th Aug, 5:42pm, Arran S.

UWA week 32 - 2nd semester, week 2

Workshops - change of venue RSS
└─ original   Tue 6th Aug, 11:28am, Arran S.

UWA week 31 - 2nd semester, week 1

Workshops RSS
└─ original   Tue 30th Jul, 4:48pm, Arran S.
Welcome to CITS5502 Software Processes RSS
└─ original   Tue 30th Jul, 4:17pm, Arran S.

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