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 UWA week 23 (1st semester, 1st exam week) ↓
SVG not supported 7:21pm Mon 3rd Jun, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, It would be great if you could release the assignment marks before exam because it can help us correct our mistakes and also to concentrate more on exams.

 UWA week 21 (1st semester, week 12) ↓
SVG not supported 1:15pm Fri 24th May, ANONYMOUS

ok, and the number question will be same?

SVG not supported 12:18pm Thu 23rd May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, the sample exam paper you gave is for 60 marks, do we also have exam for 60 marks or 100 marks?

 UWA week 20 (1st semester, week 11) ↓
SVG not supported 1:16pm Sat 18th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, I am using git and commit message everyday since I started the project, But in got log I can see only the logs and commit messages for just 1 day

SVG not supported 5:01pm Fri 17th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi professor, I have no marks yet, it still say not submitted

SVG not supported 2:43pm Fri 17th May, ANONYMOUS

Yes, but my code created the file, so i need to display the content and then delete it?

SVG not supported 11:40am Thu 16th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi professor, and the numerical values in the output should be round to 3 decimal places?

SVG not supported 10:59am Thu 16th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, My code creates a cleaned and sorted and joined file, the output file should be displayed on the screen using cat and then deleted. or is it ok if it is not removed.

SVG not supported 1:12pm Wed 15th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, for the 2nd assignment we need to zip the 2 scripts and also the .git folder together? of just scripts. how is git managed and checked by you?

SVG not supported 11:46am Wed 15th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi professor, I have emailed

SVG not supported 11:25am Wed 15th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi professor, My surname does not start with L or M, it starts with I. But still I can see not submitted. I have a screen shot of submit.

SVG not supported 4:22pm Tue 14th May, ANONYMOUS

My code creates a data cleaned file, now I just need to print the file on terminal or need to keep it in file?

SVG not supported 12:29pm Tue 14th May, ANONYMOUS

should there be .tsv file created or standardoutput file ?

SVG not supported 11:25am Tue 14th May, ANONYMOUS

and if the sample output values given by you are jsut for smaple data then how can we verify that our data file is correct and corelation values are correct.

SVG not supported 11:13am Tue 14th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, just needed one confirmation, the sample output values given by you are just for the sample data. we will get different values for the cleaned outfile for us?. correct me if I am wrong.

SVG not supported 8:31am Mon 13th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, could you please release the lab 8 and lab 9 ans soon

 UWA week 19 (1st semester, week 10) ↓
SVG not supported 1:26pm Sun 12th May, ANONYMOUS

is the sample data correct with all the valid data?, because the correlation values are not matching.

SVG not supported 1:11pm Sun 12th May, ANONYMOUS

ANONYMOUS wrote And one more thing, 1.We need to ignore all the years less than 2011 and greater than 2021. 2. then apply the filter for just choosing the years than has cantril score greater than 3? please assist

SVG not supported 1:00pm Sun 12th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, Kindly elaborate the 3rd filter regarding the year and cantril score more, because its not working after many attempts also.

SVG not supported
Output file 👍x1  (all 4)
8:07pm Sat 11th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, Thank you for the response, My doubt is that will the data be present for only 3 countries like in sample data. and can we simply ignore all the years below 2011 and above 2021?

SVG not supported 11:48am Fri 10th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, the cleaned output file should have same data as of the sample provided by you. the number of row?

SVG not supported 12:10pm Tue 7th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, could you please elaborate the statement below Ignore the rows for years outside those for which we have at least some Cantril data. (Cantril data may be absent in certain years within the range of those for which there otherwise is data...

SVG not supported 9:25am Tue 7th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, When will our assignments1 marks and feedback available. if we get it soon we can correct our self for assignment 2.

 UWA week 18 (1st semester, week 9) ↓
SVG not supported 4:19pm Sun 5th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, can we use advanced functions like awk, sed and bc in this assignment

SVG not supported 12:51pm Sun 5th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi professor, which will use Bash plus Shell tools, to clean the data. cantril data cleaning expects three .tsv file ----------but the data given one of the file is .csv. are we supposed to convert it?

SVG not supported 12:10pm Sat 4th May, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, Could you please tell when 2nd assignment will be released as per the weekely schedule it was to be released this week if I am not wrong and submission date is also on 20th of May.

SVG not supported 8:00pm Wed 1st May, ANONYMOUS

Hi professor, when 2nd assignment will be released

 UWA week 17 (1st semester, week 8) ↓
SVG not supported 10:27am Fri 26th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, When will we get the lab 6 and lab 7 answers?

SVG not supported 8:38am Wed 24th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, are we allowed to get a single page of notes to final exam?

SVG not supported 9:21am Mon 22nd Apr, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, One last question to be confirmed. We need not consider case sensitivity for country code? only upper case country code is accepted if I am not wrong. Kindly correct me

 UWA week 16 (1st semester, week 7) ↓
SVG not supported 5:45pm Sun 21st Apr, ANONYMOUS

Thank you so much for the response, does case sensitivity apply for countryCode?

SVG not supported 4:19pm Sun 21st Apr, ANONYMOUS

and does the country code should be case sensitive? both JPN and jpn should be accepted or only JPN is accepted

SVG not supported 4:08pm Sun 21st Apr, ANONYMOUS

In the given sample output The global maximum percentage of tobacco users for Japan (JPN) was 52.4 in 2000 this does not include the gender in output line where as The global maximum percentage of Female tobacco users in 2030 is predicted to be in And...

SVG not supported 1:22pm Sun 21st Apr, ANONYMOUS

and also there is no data present for year 2024. so the testing data file also does not contain it right?

SVG not supported 1:14pm Sun 21st Apr, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, 1. will the column order in the csv file change 2. bin bash is this the correct way of writing the bash script 3. is it necessary to change the file permissions 4. is it necessary not to have . filename when executing 5. and during submi...

SVG not supported 7:10am Thu 18th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Hi, lecture 1 to 6 and lecture 5 only says comparision between integers not floating point

SVG not supported 4:38pm Wed 17th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Hi professor, Your script should only use Bash structures and the Linux commands that we have covered thus far in the unit. Do not use any advanced Linux commands, such as sed or awk because not everyone has covered the material (so unfair), and this...

SVG not supported 4:28pm Wed 17th Apr, ANONYMOUS

I am not able to compare medianPc as its floating point value. without bc and awk its just throwing error. is there any way we can do it

SVG not supported 4:05pm Wed 17th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Hi, thank you so much, I am still struggling with comparing floating point, can I convert it to string compare and return the floating value?

 UWA week 15 (1st semester, week 6) ↓
SVG not supported 9:28am Mon 8th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, I have doubt regarding the standard error display, can we use simply echo to display the standard error or is it neccessary to use std dev. and one more is it ok to have .sh file and use bin bash or the file name should not include .s...

SVG not supported 9:27am Mon 8th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, I have doubt regarding the standard error display, can we use simply echo to display the standard error or is it neccessary to use std dev. and one more is it ok to have .sh file and use bin bash or the file name should not include .s...

 UWA week 14 (1st semester, non-teaching week) ↓
SVG not supported 1:20pm Thu 4th Apr, ANONYMOUS

Hi, Thank you for the response, I mean I can convert it into int first without decimal like printf " .0f", variablename and store it in other variable and then compare. just let me know if this can be valid

SVG not supported 3:04pm Wed 3rd Apr, ANONYMOUS

Also one more question in the below sample .sh for file has not been included, is it necessary to remove it because, when I am running on my system I need to add .sh or else I have error. Kindly clear my this doubt tobacco nation WHO tobacco control ...

SVG not supported 5:55pm Tue 2nd Apr, ANONYMOUS

Thank you for this professor, I am still confused that can we use bc or no, Kindly respond because in one condition without using bc I am facing issue.

 UWA week 12 (1st semester, week 4) ↓
SVG not supported 11:14am Sat 23rd Mar, ANONYMOUS

Hi Professor, is it necessary that the country input provided to be country code only or is it ok to have full country name and then display the country code

SVG not supported 12:49pm Fri 22nd Mar, ANONYMOUS

Hi professor, can you please tell us how to move the given data file to docker directory

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