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This forum is provided to make general announcements, and to promote discussion amongst all members of Computer Science and Software Engineering. You'll find announcements about industry visitors, prospective employers, and presentations of interest to all.

Something to ask, something to discuss, even something to sell? This is the place...


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NAO robot installation work at Futures Observatory, UWA RSS
└─ original   Fri 17th Nov, 12:42pm, Charise B.
NAO robot installation work at Futures Observatory, UWA RSS
└─ original   Thu 16th Nov, 1:32pm, Charise B.
Specialist Undergraduate Software Engineer - Internship RSS
└─ original   Thu 26th Oct, 12:54pm, Roslyn K.
Software Developer - Internship (both) RSS
├─ original   Mon 15th May, 3:38pm, Roslyn K.
└─ reply 1   Thu 26th Oct, 12:52pm, Roslyn K.  O.P.
ACS Internships for Summer Break and 2018 RSS
└─ original   Thu 26th Oct, 12:50pm, Roslyn K.
└─ original   Thu 26th Oct, 12:27pm, Roslyn K.
BHP - Specialist Test Analyst – Internship (both) RSS
├─ original   Tue 3rd Oct, 4:34pm, Roslyn K.
└─ reply 1   Mon 23rd Oct, 4:39pm, Charise B.
WiTWA Jobs of the Future event (Nov 16th) RSS
└─ original   Wed 11th Oct, 5:50pm, Christopher M.
[free tickets] Women in Technology WA TECHXChange event RSS
└─ original   Sun 8th Oct, 9:59am, Christopher M.
Internship opportunity for motivated computer science students RSS
└─ original   Mon 25th Sep, 12:53pm, Roslyn K.
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