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This forum is provided to make general announcements, and to promote discussion amongst all members of Computer Science and Software Engineering. You'll find announcements about industry visitors, prospective employers, and presentations of interest to all.

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photo The Bankwest applications for Data Science graduate program is now open!
Mon 15th Oct, 3:11pm, Hassanali SB.
The Bankwest applications for Data Science graduate program is now open. For information and to apply, use the link below. https://careers.pageuppeople.com/419/bw/en/job/1011903/data-science-graduate
photo CodeVita : The TCS Global Coding Contest for Students
Mon 15th Oct, 1:04pm, Hassanali SB.
CodeVita : The TCS Global Coding Contest for Students Round 1 Zone 1: 20th October 2018, 03:30 AM GMT 21st October 2018, 03:30 AM GMT Regions: South Africa, Singapore, S Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia and New...
photo The International Collegiate Programming Contest
Wed 10th Oct, 10:13am, Roslyn K.
The International Collegiate Programming Contest is a long-running global programming contest, and serves as a great opportunity for students to learn computer science in a fun and challenging way. Eligible teams of three can register to take part in...
photo BI Analytics Internship available with Arc Infrastructure
Tue 9th Oct, 2:43pm, Hassanali SB.
There is a fantastic new 6-month BI Analytics Internship available with Arc Infrastructure, to commence in December (refer advertisement attached). Relevant students need to apply for this opportunity through the website within the next month.
CSSE Labs 2.01 and 2.03 closed Monday 9pm - Tuesday 6am. RSS
└─ original   Thu 11th Oct, 8:03pm, Christopher M.
Exciting new 3 month internship with Western Power RSS
└─ original   Thu 11th Oct, 2:30pm, Roslyn K.
Thank you RSS
└─ original   Mon 8th Oct, 4:37pm, ANONYMOUS
WiTWA tech exchange event 16 October at Forrest Hall RSS
└─ original   Mon 8th Oct, 12:03pm, Rachel CO.
NASA SpaceApps Info Session Monday 8 October 2018 RSS
└─ original   Thu 4th Oct, 9:42am, Rachel CO.
How to win a job before you graduate - Tuesday, 9 Oct from 1pm to 2pm CSSE Seminar Room 1.24 RSS
└─ original   Mon 1st Oct, 1:44pm, Roslyn K.
Great Job Opportunities for UWA Students and Graduates - These companies are actively hiring and want to pitch their roles to you! RSS
└─ original   Thu 27th Sep, 11:27am, Roslyn K.
Do you have an interest in science, space exploration, security, law and international relations? RSS
└─ original   Tue 18th Sep, 2:10pm, Christopher M.
Another new Internship with Western Power RSS
└─ original   Tue 18th Sep, 2:04pm, Hassanali SB.
Internship with Western Power for a Systems Analyst role RSS
└─ original   Mon 17th Sep, 1:12pm, Hassanali SB.
Traffic Analytics Research Assistant - Part-time Position RSS
└─ original   Fri 14th Sep, 12:54pm, Charise B.
Part-time Position in CSSE - Traffic Analytics Research Assistant RSS
└─ original   Fri 14th Sep, 12:48pm, Charise B.
New internship opportunity with Optika Solutions (to commence this December) RSS
└─ original   Thu 13th Sep, 1:48pm, Hassanali SB.
New internship opportunity with Galaxy Resources RSS
└─ original   Thu 13th Sep, 1:01pm, Hassanali SB.
QuadIQ challenge RSS
└─ original   Wed 12th Sep, 3:01pm, Hassanali SB.
Door on Lab 2.01 Busted RSS
└─ original   Fri 7th Sep, 2:51pm, ANONYMOUS
EY's Survive the Panel student competition RSS
└─ original   Wed 5th Sep, 2:14pm, Hassanali SB.
Oracle Academy Virtual Student Day Invite Sept 27 2018 RSS
└─ original   Tue 4th Sep, 9:44am, Hassanali SB.
IT Support Officer Scholarship RSS
└─ original   Tue 28th Aug, 11:57am, Hassanali SB.
Western Power - IT Developer internship (both) RSS
├─ original   Tue 17th Jul, 2:54pm, Hassanali SB.
└─ reply 1   Tue 28th Aug, 9:39am, Hassanali SB.  O.P.
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