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 UWA week 23 (1st semester, 1st exam week) ↓
marks for take home test2
12:29pm Fri 9th Jun Tet S.

 UWA week 22 (1st semester, study break) ↓
Week 9 - 11 Workshop Solutions (both)
8:18pm Fri 2nd Jun ANONYMOUS
44 hours later Mehwish N.

Queries about the exam.
2:19pm Thu 1st Jun Mehwish N.

 UWA week 18 (1st semester, week 9) ↓
Project Phase 2 Question 2 (both)
5:17pm Sat 6th May Ka L.
4 days later Mehwish N.

Can't resubmit take home test (both)
1:37pm Thu 4th May ANONYMOUS
87 mins later ANONYMOUS

Issue in the take home test 2
4:27pm Wed 3rd May ANONYMOUS

Take home test contribution (both)
10:42am Mon 1st May ANONYMOUS
23 hours later Mehwish N.

 UWA week 17 (1st semester, week 8) ↓
issue of "Post condition" in week 3 (both)
2:20pm Mon 24th Apr ANONYMOUS
31 hours later Mehwish N.

 UWA week 16 (1st semester, week 7) ↓
Take Home Test 1 - Marks
1:16pm Fri 21st Apr ANONYMOUS

Take Home Test q3 and q5 (all 3)
6:20pm Wed 19th Apr ANONYMOUS
4 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.
17 hours later Mehwish N.

Task 4 Clarification (both)
6:25pm Tue 18th Apr Asad M.
22 hours later Mehwish N.

State Diagrams Lecture No Audio? (all 3)
4:22pm Mon 17th Apr ANONYMOUS
23 hours later Mehwish N.
15 days later ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 15 (1st semester, non-teaching week) ↓
Project Task 4 (both)
5:28pm Sat 15th Apr ANONYMOUS
70 hours later Mehwish N.

Project Phase 1 Report (all 4)
7:38pm Thu 13th Apr Ka L.
13 hours later Mehwish N.
16 hours later Ka L.  O.P.
43 hours later Mehwish N.

Project Task 4 Requirement 2 (both)
1:57am Tue 11th Apr Ka L.
11 hours later Mehwish N.

 UWA week 14 (1st semester, week 6) ↓
Requirements/subrequirements for project Part4 (all 4)
10:04am Thu 6th Apr Adrian B.
5 hours later Mehwish N.
8 hours later Adrian B.  O.P.
6 days later Mehwish N.

Which Group are we in? (both)
11:28am Tue 4th Apr ANONYMOUS
22 hours later Mehwish N.

Task1 and 2 feedback/Grade (both)
9:27am Tue 4th Apr ANONYMOUS
24 hours later Mehwish N.

 UWA week 13 (1st semester, week 5) ↓
Take Home Test Clarification (all 4)
8:31pm Wed 29th Mar ANONYMOUS
33 mins later ANONYMOUS
12 hours later Mehwish N.
12 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.

How to add the screenshot in the answer? (Take home exam) (both)
5:16pm Wed 29th Mar Lexuan L.
2 hours later Yaameen C.

Workshop 1 & 4 solutions (both)
10:36pm Tue 28th Mar ANONYMOUS
12 hours later Mehwish N.

Task 2 Interview Question clarification (both)
6:54pm Mon 27th Mar ANONYMOUS
17 hours later Mehwish N.

peer review/ group marking? (both)
12:58pm Mon 27th Mar ANONYMOUS
23 hours later Mehwish N.

 UWA week 12 (1st semester, week 4) ↓
Group Project Part 1 Questions (all 5)
11:29am Sat 25th Mar Asad M.
46 hours later  👍x1 Mehwish N.
49 hours later Asad M.  O.P.
95 hours later  👍x1 Mehwish N.
95 hours later Asad M.  O.P.

risks clarification (both)
10:49am Fri 24th Mar ANONYMOUS
71 hours later Mehwish N.

Announcements (both)
3:01pm Mon 20th Mar ANONYMOUS
6 days later Mehwish N.

 UWA week 11 (1st semester, week 3) ↓
Emergent requirements (lect3a) (both)
3:12pm Thu 16th Mar Adrian B.
93 hours later Mehwish N.

 UWA week 9 (1st semester, week 1) ↓
Workshop Submission (both)
1:49pm Thu 2nd Mar ANONYMOUS
4 hours later Mehwish N.

Welcome to CITS4401/3301
10:19am Mon 27th Feb Mehwish N.

Take home test1 information
10:24am Fri 24th Feb Mehwish N.

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