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 UWA week 23 (1st semester, 1st exam week) ↓
Use of diagrams in Exam. (both)
12:20am Mon 3rd Jun ANONYMOUS
14 hours later Amitava D.

 UWA week 22 (1st semester, study break) ↓
Implementation VS Tarjan Results (both)
10:15pm Sun 2nd Jun ANONYMOUS
16 hours later Amitava D.

Is it worth practicing python for the exam? (both)
7:45pm Sun 2nd Jun ANONYMOUS
19 hours later Amitava D.

2019 Q2a (both)
7:14pm Sun 2nd Jun  👍x1 ANONYMOUS
19 hours later Amitava D.

Exam Time Complexity Reasoning (both)
6:17pm Sun 2nd Jun  👍x1 ANONYMOUS
20 hours later Amitava D.

Seperating complexity in merge-sort (all 4)
12:39pm Sun 2nd Jun ANONYMOUS
104 mins later ANONYMOUS
6 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.
22 hours later  👍x1 Liam vdM.

Amortized complexity of multiDequeue(i)? (both)
12:24pm Sun 2nd Jun ANONYMOUS
26 hours later Amitava D.

Amortized Analysis and speed questions. (all 3)
12:11pm Sun 2nd Jun ANONYMOUS
4 hours later ANONYMOUS
7 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.

confusion about Kruskal's complexity (both)
3:37pm Fri 31st May  👍x1 ANONYMOUS
5 hours later  👍x1 Amitava D.

Lab 6 - Correctness and Complexity
9:52pm Thu 30th May ANONYMOUS

Kruskal Union Time Complexity (all 6)
9:44pm Wed 29th May  👍x1 ANONYMOUS
15 hours later Hugo S.
18 hours later Amitava D.
38 hours later ANONYMOUS
39 hours later ANONYMOUS
47 hours later Amitava D.

exam code (all 3)
3:26pm Wed 29th May ANONYMOUS
84 mins later ANONYMOUS
24 hours later Amitava D.

time-complexity question (both)
2:30pm Tue 28th May ANONYMOUS
49 hours later Amitava D.

answer structure for exam questions (all 4)
1:24pm Tue 28th May  👍x3 ANONYMOUS
50 hours later Amitava D.
4 days later ANONYMOUS
6 days later Amitava D.

trains_planes time complexity (all 4)
2:04pm Mon 27th May ANONYMOUS
57 mins later Amitava D.
6 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.
20 hours later Amitava D.

 UWA week 21 (1st semester, week 12) ↓
Exam permitted material and exam answers (all 3)
5:52pm Thu 23rd May ANONYMOUS
93 hours later Amitava D.
93 hours later Amitava D.

Lab 6 Path (all 3)
3:23pm Tue 21st May ANONYMOUS
19 hours later ANONYMOUS
21 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.

Lab 6 Dijkstra Algorithm
2:41pm Tue 21st May ANONYMOUS

Lab 6 Part 2 checking clearence (both)
1:06pm Tue 21st May ANONYMOUS
47 hours later ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 20 (1st semester, week 11) ↓
additional data lab 6
8:57pm Sun 19th May ANONYMOUS

Lecture content
9:33pm Fri 17th May ANONYMOUS

UnicodeDecodeError on macOS SOLVED (both)
9:11pm Wed 15th May ANONYMOUS
95 hours later ANONYMOUS

lab 6 (both)
1:42pm Tue 14th May ANONYMOUS
79 hours later ANONYMOUS

Lab 6 import allowed? (both)
1:12pm Tue 14th May ANONYMOUS
6 days later ANONYMOUS

Test Case0
11:29am Mon 13th May  👍x2 ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 19 (1st semester, week 10) ↓
Final Exam (both)
7:20pm Sun 12th May ANONYMOUS
25 hours later ANONYMOUS

Q1 in Test 2
9:03pm Thu 9th May  👍x2 ANONYMOUS

Practice Test Answers
1:52pm Tue 7th May  👍x1 ANONYMOUS

2 Possible Answers for question 5 (all 3)
9:53am Tue 7th May  👍x1 Lewei X.
36 hours later ANONYMOUS
49 hours later ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 18 (1st semester, week 9) ↓
Lab 4 Get Cousin (all 4)
8:43pm Thu 2nd May  👍x1 ANONYMOUS
3 hours later  👍x1 Diarmuid OC.
12 hours later  👍x1 ANONYMOUS  O.P.
24 hours later Diarmuid OC.

lab 4
6:50pm Thu 2nd May  👍x2 ANONYMOUS

lab submission format
9:53am Thu 2nd May ANONYMOUS

Test 2 (all 5)
12:19pm Wed 1st May  👍x3 ANONYMOUS
28 hours later ANONYMOUS
32 hours later ANONYMOUS
4 days later  👍x1 ANONYMOUS
5 days later ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 17 (1st semester, week 8) ↓
Data structures assessed lab2 (both)
2:39pm Sun 28th Apr ANONYMOUS
2 hours later ANONYMOUS

Assessed Lab (both)
10:19pm Fri 26th Apr ANONYMOUS
13 hours later ANONYMOUS

Assessed Lab: Difference between Q1 and Q6?
5:38pm Thu 25th Apr ANONYMOUS

Lab 4 Target Complexity
11:21pm Wed 24th Apr  👍x2 ANONYMOUS

Lab 4 assumptions (all 3)
6:41pm Tue 23rd Apr Lewei X.
41 hours later ANONYMOUS
45 hours later Lewei X.  O.P.

Submission page
12:25pm Tue 23rd Apr  👍x1 William R.

Assessed Lab 2 Q6 (all 4)
11:46am Tue 23rd Apr William R.
8 hours later Lewei X.
8 hours later Lewei X.
8 hours later Lewei X.

 UWA week 16 (1st semester, week 7) ↓
Lab 4 Get Cousin Dist (both)
4:52pm Wed 17th Apr Jason Y.
5 hours later Nico B.

Lab 4 Targe Time Complexity (all 4)
2:23pm Tue 16th Apr William R.
20 hours later William R.  O.P.
25 hours later ANONYMOUS
27 hours later  👍x1 William R.  O.P.

Lab 4 - where to start? (both)
11:26am Tue 16th Apr  👍x1 ANONYMOUS
7 days later Lewei X.

 UWA week 15 (1st semester, week 6) ↓
Test 1 (all 3)
12:45pm Fri 12th Apr ANONYMOUS
11 hours later  👍x2 ANONYMOUS
22 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.

 UWA week 14 (1st semester, non-teaching week) ↓
test one question 7
2:21pm Thu 4th Apr ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 13 (1st semester, week 5) ↓
Lab 2 Clarification (both)
2:43pm Thu 28th Mar ANONYMOUS
70 mins later ANONYMOUS

Bug in (all 3)
12:05pm Wed 27th Mar  👍x5 ANONYMOUS
5 hours later  👍x1 ANONYMOUS
31 hours later Nico B.

Test 1 (29th 5pm) (both)
10:10am Wed 27th Mar  👍x3 ANONYMOUS
23 hours later Amitava D.

Question about lab 2 submit_run, multiple submissions (both)
8:59pm Tue 26th Mar ANONYMOUS
38 mins later William R.

lab 2 problem (all 4)
6:40pm Tue 26th Mar ANONYMOUS
2 hours later William R.
13 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.
16 hours later ANONYMOUS

Regarding Lab2 (both)
6:09pm Tue 26th Mar ANONYMOUS
3 hours later William R.

Should I upload ? (all 4)
2:44pm Mon 25th Mar  👍x2 ANONYMOUS
24 hours later ANONYMOUS
30 hours later William R.
66 hours later  👍x1 Amitava D.

A clarification for Lab2 test (both)
2:13pm Mon 25th Mar Amitava D.
72 mins later  👍x3 Cameron H.

 UWA week 12 (1st semester, week 4) ↓
What time is lab 2 due? [no time is given just a date] (all 4)
4:37pm Sun 24th Mar ANONYMOUS
3 hours later  👍x1 ANONYMOUS
4 hours later ANONYMOUS
21 hours later Amitava D.

lab2 speed question for students (all 3)
11:59am Sun 24th Mar ANONYMOUS
24 hours later ANONYMOUS
26 hours later Amitava D.

Lab 2 List Order (both)
11:17am Sun 24th Mar ANONYMOUS
9 mins later ANONYMOUS

Issues with my lab2 code (both)
2:16pm Sat 23rd Mar  👍x1 ANONYMOUS
48 hours later Amitava D.

Functions in Lab2 (all 3)
3:30pm Fri 22nd Mar  👍x1 Aidan KS.
118 mins later ANONYMOUS
70 hours later  👍x1 Amitava D.

9:00am Fri 22nd Mar  👍x1 ANONYMOUS
77 hours later Amitava D.

Lab 2 Merge Sort vs Insertion Sort (all 4)
11:17pm Thu 21st Mar  👍x1 ANONYMOUS
41 hours later ANONYMOUS
86 hours later Amitava D.
86 hours later Amitava D.

Lab 2 Submit (both)
9:51pm Tue 19th Mar  👍x1 William R.
5 days later Amitava D.

Lab 2 Assignment (both)
1:50pm Tue 19th Mar ANONYMOUS
22 hours later  👍x1 ANONYMOUS

Any Practice Tests for next week?
12:44pm Tue 19th Mar ANONYMOUS

Lab 1 answers (both)
9:08pm Mon 18th Mar  👍x4 ANONYMOUS
14 mins later ANONYMOUS  O.P.

Lab2: Regarding get_rank_time() (all 3)
1:23pm Mon 18th Mar  👍x2 ANONYMOUS
12 mins later ANONYMOUS  O.P.
5 days later ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 11 (1st semester, week 3) ↓
Lab 2 (both)
3:49pm Fri 15th Mar  👍x5 Lewei X.
75 hours later ANONYMOUS

4:54pm Wed 13th Mar  👍x4 ANONYMOUS

In Class Tests (both)
6:28pm Mon 11th Mar ANONYMOUS
74 hours later  👍x1 ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 10 (1st semester, week 2) ↓
CITS2200 LABS (both)
5:17pm Sun 10th Mar  👍x1 ANONYMOUS
40 hours later Amitava D.

Extension questions (both)
1:34am Sun 10th Mar  👍x2 ANONYMOUS
56 hours later Amitava D.

Any labs on in Week 2? (all 4)
4:27pm Mon 4th Mar  👍x2 ANONYMOUS
16 hours later ANONYMOUS
41 hours later  👍x1 ANONYMOUS
7 days later Amitava D.

 UWA week 9 (1st semester, week 1) ↓
Where can I find anything for this unit? (all 5)
1:11pm Fri 1st Mar  👍x8 ANONYMOUS
2 hours later  👍x3 ANONYMOUS
91 hours later ANONYMOUS
4 days later ANONYMOUS
10 days later Amitava D.

Incorrect Due Date in Unit Outline (both)
8:41pm Thu 29th Feb  👍x1 Ye H.
11 days later  👍x1 Amitava D.

10:07am Thu 29th Feb  👍x10 ANONYMOUS
31 mins later  👍x2 ANONYMOUS

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