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 UWA week 39 (2nd semester, week 9) ↓
Lab8 - ResourceLimitExceeded (all 3)
12:25pm Sat 1st Oct ANONYMOUS
32 hours later ANONYMOUS
4 days later ANONYMOUS

put() command in fabric (both)
3:16pm Fri 30th Sep Shahzad A.
18 hours later ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 38 (2nd semester, week 8) ↓
about install django (both)
1:38am Wed 21st Sep Yazhen T.
10 hours later Jichunyang L.

 UWA week 37 (2nd semester, week 7) ↓
Is Step 1 Lab 5 necessary? (all 3)
5:49pm Sat 17th Sep ANONYMOUS
5 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.
5 hours later Jichunyang L.

Unhealthy Target Group Status (all 3)
1:17pm Wed 14th Sep Keaton W.
55 hours later ANONYMOUS
57 hours later Jichunyang L.

 UWA week 34 (2nd semester, week 5) ↓
Mini Study Group for the mid term exam
5:50pm Sat 27th Aug Michael W.

dynamodb UserId (all 3)
11:50am Mon 22nd Aug Benjamin W.
5 hours later Jichunyang L.
50 hours later ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 33 (2nd semester, week 4) ↓
Midsem test allowed notes
1:18pm Sun 21st Aug ANONYMOUS

Code screenshots requirement for labs (both)
6:32pm Sat 20th Aug ANONYMOUS
2 hours later Jichunyang L.

Lab 3 - DynamoDB Table Content
4:24pm Fri 19th Aug Keaton W.

Lab 3 : install dynamydb (both)
10:54pm Wed 17th Aug Aik A.
11 hours later Jichunyang L.

Wk 4 lecture recording (all 3)
1:01pm Tue 16th Aug Georgia J.
29 mins later Alan C.
74 hours later Malcolm M.

 UWA week 32 (2nd semester, week 3) ↓
Can't create new instance (both)
3:47pm Fri 12th Aug ANONYMOUS
20 mins later ANONYMOUS  O.P.

Lab 2: Docker section - 403 Forbidden (all 3)
5:30pm Thu 11th Aug Yazhen T.
4 hours later Jichunyang L.
24 hours later Yazhen T.  O.P.

Lab 2: Docker section - Localhost won't connect problem (both)
1:35am Tue 9th Aug Aik A.
49 mins later Aik A.  O.P.

Lab 2 - Create EC2 with Python Boto (all 5)
6:01pm Mon 8th Aug ANONYMOUS
3 hours later Jichunyang L.
4 hours later Aik A.
72 hours later Hong D.
91 hours later Jichunyang L.

 UWA week 31 (2nd semester, week 2) ↓
Lab 1 turnitin Issues (both)
3:20pm Sun 7th Aug Georgia J.
6 days later Georgia J.  O.P.

Basic Shell Commands
8:18pm Thu 4th Aug Jichunyang L.

Ubuntu and python versions (both)
11:59am Thu 4th Aug ANONYMOUS
2 hours later Jichunyang L.

Lab 1 Screenshots for Lab Notes (both)
8:25pm Mon 1st Aug Brandon K.
6 mins later ANONYMOUS

Lab 01 Virtual Box on Apple Silicon (M1) (all 3)
7:29pm Mon 1st Aug ANONYMOUS
105 mins later ANONYMOUS
38 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.

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