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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Software Testing and Quality Assurance (CITS5501).
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ISO90003 (all 5) RSS
├─ original sealed Thu 7th Jun, 9:24pm, Harpreet K.
├─ reply 1   Thu 7th Jun, 9:25pm, Harpreet K.  O.P.
├─ reply 2   Mon 11th Jun, 5:36pm, Arran S.
├─ reply 3   Mon 11th Jun, 7:29pm, Harpreet K.  O.P.
└─ reply 4   Mon 11th Jun, 9:00pm, Arran S.
solutions for workshops 3 and 9 RSS
└─ original   Mon 11th Jun, 6:58pm, Arran S.
Solutions to workshop (all 5) RSS
├─ original   Tue 5th Jun, 10:37pm, Jiaranai K.
├─ reply 1   Thu 7th Jun, 2:46pm, Arran S.
├─ reply 2   Mon 11th Jun, 1:10pm, Daniel GE.
├─ reply 3   Mon 11th Jun, 2:53pm, Harpreet K.
└─ reply 4   Mon 11th Jun, 5:35pm, Arran S.
Exam structure (all 3) RSS
├─ original   Tue 5th Jun, 2:13pm, Jiaranai K.
├─ reply 1   Thu 7th Jun, 2:48pm, Arran S.
└─ reply 2   Thu 7th Jun, 3:02pm, Arran S.
unit test in exam (both) RSS
├─ original   Mon 4th Jun, 3:09pm, Jiaranai K.
└─ reply 1   Thu 7th Jun, 2:50pm, Arran S.
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