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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in CITS2002 Systems Programming.

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photo Welcome to CITS2002 discussion forum
Mon 26th Jul 2021, 10:27am, Amitava D.
We will discuss all issues related to this unit here. You need to use your pheme credentials to login to this forum.

UWA week 30 - 2nd semester, week 1

compiler (both) RSS
├─ original   Thu 29th Jul 2021, 2:20pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Thu 29th Jul 2021, 2:29pm, Christopher M.
Clarification on the venue for tomorrow's Lect/Tute or workshop RSS
└─ original   Thu 29th Jul 2021, 11:57am, Amitava D.
Working regularly RSS
└─ original   Wed 28th Jul 2021, 8:52pm, Amitava D.
Program (all 7) RSS
├─ original   Tue 27th Jul 2021, 11:21am, James H.
├─ reply 1   Tue 27th Jul 2021, 12:00pm, Christopher M.
├─ reply 2   Tue 27th Jul 2021, 1:12pm, Amitava D.
├─ reply 3   Tue 27th Jul 2021, 8:40pm, ANONYMOUS
├─ reply 4   Wed 28th Jul 2021, 9:10am, Amitava D.
├─ reply 5   Wed 28th Jul 2021, 11:24am, Christopher M.
└─ reply 6   Wed 28th Jul 2021, 6:39pm, Amitava D.
Friday Workshop (both) RSS
├─ original   Wed 28th Jul 2021, 9:51am, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Wed 28th Jul 2021, 9:55am, Amitava D.
subtitles (all 4) RSS
├─ original   Tue 27th Jul 2021, 3:24pm, Zexuan Y.
├─ reply 1   Tue 27th Jul 2021, 7:45pm, ANONYMOUS
├─ reply 2   Wed 28th Jul 2021, 9:15am, Amitava D.
└─ reply 3   Wed 28th Jul 2021, 9:52am, Amitava D.

UWA week 29 - mid-year break

online students (both) RSS
├─ original   Mon 26th Jul 2021, 1:03pm, Dana K.
└─ reply 1   Mon 26th Jul 2021, 5:26pm, Amitava D.

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