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This program provides a breakdown of enrolments in the School of Physics, Mathematics, and Computing in 2024.

Enrolments in Computer Science and Software Engineering in 2024
  • Data last collected: 4:00am Tue 5th Mar 2024
  • Total of 3316 students, undertaking 8437 enrolments (avg 2.5)
  • Figures include ENROLLED, INACTIVE, and UNCONFIRMED enrolments
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CITS1003-1  Introduction to Cybersecurity (763)
CITS1003-2  Introduction to Cybersecurity (79)
CITS2002-2  Systems Programming (357)
CITS2005-1  Object Oriented Programming (410)
CITS2006-1  Defensive Cybersecurity (139)
CITS2200-1  Data Structures and Algorithms (390)
CITS2211-2  Discrete Structures (202)
CITS2402-2  Introduction to Data Science (117)
CITS3001-2  Advanced Algorithms (124)
CITS3002-1  Computer Networks (243)
CITS3003-1  Graphics and Animation (93)
CITS3005-2  Knowledge Representation (48)
CITS3006-2  Penetration Testing (51)
CITS3007-1  Secure Coding (117)
CITS3011-2  Intelligent Agents (45)
CITS3200-2  Professional Computing (183)
CITS3401-1  Data Warehousing (98)
CITS3402-2  High Performance Computing (12)
CITS3403-1  Agile Web Development (294)
CITS4009-2  Computational Data Analysis (112)
CITS4012-1  Natural Language Processing (162)
CITS4402-1  Computer Vision (80)
CITS4403-2  Computational Modelling (69)
CITS4407-1  Open Source Tools and Scripting (366)
CITS4419-1  Mobile and Wireless Computing (37)
CITS5017-2  Deep Learning (40)
CITS5503-2  Cloud Computing (129)
CITS5504-1  Data Warehousing (204)
CITS5505-1  Agile Web Development (217)
CITS5506-1  The Internet of Things (29)
CITS5506-2  The Internet of Things (107)
CITS5507-2  High Performance Computing (30)
CITS5508-1  Machine Learning (270)
CITS5553-2  Data Science Capstone Project (39)

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