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 UWA week 13 (1st semester, week 5) ↓
Assignment 1 - Column Heading Order
5:14pm Thu 30th Mar ANONYMOUS

Interesting Things (both)
12:50pm Wed 29th Mar ANONYMOUS
90 mins later Michael W.

Why is user "stud"?
7:38pm Tue 28th Mar ANONYMOUS

Monday 12noon-2pm
2:28pm Mon 27th Mar Michael W.

lab 3 (all 3)
2:03pm Mon 27th Mar Juliana SF.
2 hours later Michael W.
28 hours later Juliana SF.  O.P.

 UWA week 12 (1st semester, week 4) ↓
Assignment 1 Input File Layout (all 6)
11:36am Sat 25th Mar ANONYMOUS
70 hours later  👍x1 Michael W.
73 hours later Owen S.
73 hours later Owen S.
73 hours later Michael W.
74 hours later Owen S.

sorting through fields (both)
2:19pm Fri 24th Mar Juliana SF.
46 mins later  👍x1 Michael W.

Assignment 1 - creating files/data validation (both)
12:57pm Fri 24th Mar Adrian B.
118 mins later Michael W.

FAQ: presubmissions ?
8:57am Fri 24th Mar Michael W.

Interesting Things Item
10:06pm Thu 23rd Mar Michael W.

Lab1 question (all 7)
10:09am Thu 23rd Mar ANONYMOUS
11 hours later Michael W.
26 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.
28 hours later Michael W.
31 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.
31 hours later Michael W.
31 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.

Assignment 1 (both)
9:41am Thu 23rd Mar ANONYMOUS
22 mins later Michael W.

VVOTE for your favourite Interesting Things submission
8:31pm Wed 22nd Mar Michael W.

Assignment 1 Data (all 4)
10:52am Tue 21st Mar Adrian B.
47 hours later David A.
47 hours later Michael W.
74 hours later Adrian B.  O.P.

lab 3 files (both)
3:25pm Mon 20th Mar Juliana SF.
39 mins later  👍x1 Michael W.

No CITS4407 link existing in cssubmit (both)
11:25am Mon 20th Mar ANONYMOUS
12 mins later Michael W.

Tues and Thurs 4-6pm labs cancelled (both)
10:19am Mon 20th Mar Daniel S.
58 mins later Michael W.

 UWA week 11 (1st semester, week 3) ↓
use --rm with docker run to be stateless (both)
5:13pm Tue 14th Mar ANONYMOUS
16 hours later Michael W.

Lab solutions
2:54pm Tue 14th Mar Michael W.

sample mid-term test questions (both)
12:33pm Mon 13th Mar Juliana SF.
25 hours later  👍x1 Michael W.

BYO Notes (both)
11:06pm Sun 12th Mar ANONYMOUS
38 hours later Michael W.

 UWA week 10 (1st semester, week 2) ↓
Docker for Ubuntu users (both)
3:11pm Sat 11th Mar ANONYMOUS
70 hours later Michael W.

Docker -- mount (both)
6:28pm Fri 10th Mar Mohammed K.
91 hours later Michael W.

Bash file command (both)
10:24am Fri 10th Mar Adrian B.
4 days later Michael W.

Interesting Things Competition (both)
11:45am Wed 8th Mar Michael W.
6 days later Michael W.  O.P.

Docker vs Virtual Machine
11:42am Wed 8th Mar Daniel S.

Help! I cannot update my laptop to run Docker!
11:32am Wed 8th Mar Daniel S.

Bash ls command (all 4)
10:01am Wed 8th Mar Adrian B.
93 mins later Michael W.
24 hours later Adrian B.  O.P.
8 days later ANONYMOUS

FAQ. Labs
9:16pm Tue 7th Mar Michael W.

 UWA week 9 (1st semester, week 1) ↓
Welcome to helpOSTS
3:00pm Wed 1st Mar Michael W.

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