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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Algorithms, Agents and Artificial Intelligence (CITS3001).

Articles from 2019 have been restored for units with deferred exams in February 2020.
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UWA week 46 - 2nd semester, 2nd exam week

Project Marks Released RSS
└─ original   Wed 13th Nov, 10:54am, Timothy F.
Resolution Principle : Suggestion for Teaching (all 3) RSS
├─ original   Sun 10th Nov, 6:16pm, ANONYMOUS
├─ reply 1   Sun 10th Nov, 8:10pm, Timothy F.
└─ reply 2   Sun 10th Nov, 9:02pm, ANONYMOUS  O.P.
Bloody Hot Exam (all 3) RSS
├─ original   Sat 9th Nov, 4:16pm, ANONYMOUS
├─ reply 1 ambivalent Sat 9th Nov, 4:30pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 2   Sun 10th Nov, 8:06pm, Timothy F.

UWA week 45 - 2nd semester, 1st exam week

Tournament results (all 3) RSS
├─ original   Sat 9th Nov, 7:54am, Timothy F.
├─ reply 1   Sat 9th Nov, 8:30am, Jiaoyang S.
└─ reply 2   Sat 9th Nov, 9:09am, Timothy F.  O.P.
Project marks (all 8) RSS
├─ original gasp Tue 5th Nov, 1:37pm, ANONYMOUS
├─ reply 1   Wed 6th Nov, 9:07am, Timothy F.
├─ reply 2   Wed 6th Nov, 10:03am, ANONYMOUS
├─ ........   click to view all replies
├─ reply 5   Sat 9th Nov, 6:47am, ANONYMOUS
├─ reply 6   Sat 9th Nov, 7:02am, Timothy F.
└─ reply 7   Sat 9th Nov, 7:35am, ANONYMOUS
2017 Q9 (both) RSS
├─ original   Fri 8th Nov, 4:16pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Fri 8th Nov, 4:51pm, Timothy F.
2016 Q8C- ADP demonstration (all 4) RSS
├─ original cocktail Fri 8th Nov, 10:45am, ANONYMOUS
├─ reply 1   Fri 8th Nov, 11:57am, Timothy F.
├─ reply 2   Fri 8th Nov, 1:16pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 3   Fri 8th Nov, 1:28pm, Timothy F.
Logical Agents Check (both) RSS
├─ original   Fri 8th Nov, 12:38pm, Seth M.
└─ reply 1   Fri 8th Nov, 1:25pm, Timothy F.
Alpha beta pruning (all 4) RSS
├─ original   Wed 6th Nov, 11:07am, Seth M.
├─ reply 1   Wed 6th Nov, 11:16am, ANONYMOUS
├─ reply 2   Wed 6th Nov, 6:21pm, Timothy F.
└─ reply 3   Fri 8th Nov, 12:29pm, Seth M.  O.P.
Propositional and first order logic (both) RSS
├─ original   Tue 5th Nov, 3:17pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Wed 6th Nov, 9:06am, Timothy F.
2018 Q3(C) (both) RSS
├─ original   Mon 4th Nov, 1:14pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Tue 5th Nov, 11:32am, Timothy F.
Sample solutions (all 19) RSS
├─ original   Sat 21st Sep, 2:07pm, ANONYMOUS
├─ reply 1   Mon 23rd Sep, 9:32am, Timothy F.
├─ reply 2   Mon 28th Oct, 2:08pm, ANONYMOUS  O.P.
├─ ........   click to view all replies
├─ reply 16   Mon 4th Nov, 10:43am, ANONYMOUS
├─ reply 17   Mon 4th Nov, 10:59am, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 18   Mon 4th Nov, 11:02am, Timothy F.
2017 Q7a (both) RSS
├─ original   Sat 2nd Nov, 8:30am, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Mon 4th Nov, 10:09am, Timothy F.
2016 Qs 7 (both) RSS
├─ original   Sat 2nd Nov, 9:32am, Huey L.
└─ reply 1   Mon 4th Nov, 7:19am, Timothy F.
Does it matter which type of ADP / TDL we explain? (both) RSS
├─ original   Sun 3rd Nov, 3:29pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Mon 4th Nov, 7:18am, Timothy F.

UWA week 44 - 2nd semester, study break

Exam format? (all 4) RSS
├─ original   Tue 29th Oct, 10:14am, ANONYMOUS
├─ reply 1   Tue 29th Oct, 2:02pm, ANONYMOUS  O.P.
├─ reply 2   Tue 29th Oct, 3:32pm, ANONYMOUS  O.P.
└─ reply 3   Tue 29th Oct, 3:40pm, Timothy F.
Tournament - Round 1 RSS
└─ original   Tue 29th Oct, 3:39pm, Timothy F.
First Order Logic in Exam (both) RSS
├─ original bigsmile Tue 29th Oct, 3:09pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Tue 29th Oct, 3:27pm, Timothy F.
Can we have our own competitions? (both) RSS
├─ original   Thu 24th Oct, 8:35pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Tue 29th Oct, 3:26pm, Timothy F.
Tournament (both) RSS
├─ original   Thu 24th Oct, 1:53pm, ANONYMOUS
└─ reply 1   Tue 29th Oct, 3:24pm, Timothy F.

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