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 UWA week 44 (2nd semester, 1st exam week) ↓
Questions about online exam answers format
5:55pm Wed 2nd Nov ANONYMOUS

Page of notes (both)
2:57pm Wed 2nd Nov ANONYMOUS
50 mins later ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 43 (2nd semester, study break) ↓
midterm marks
7:37pm Sun 30th Oct ANONYMOUS

action determination and missing slides (both)
7:59pm Sat 29th Oct ANONYMOUS
66 hours later Mehwish N.

Week 7/8 - network modeling and opinion dynamics (both)
6:12pm Sat 29th Oct ANONYMOUS
68 hours later Mehwish N.

project marks
9:46am Sat 29th Oct ANONYMOUS

past exam soolutions (both)
6:16am Sat 29th Oct ANONYMOUS
80 hours later Mehwish N.

Traversing a maze and image classification (both)
3:18am Sat 29th Oct ANONYMOUS
82 hours later Mehwish N.

question 2: knapsack on revision quiz (both)
1:50am Sat 29th Oct ANONYMOUS
84 hours later Mehwish N.

revision quiz and multiple choice questions (both)
12:17am Sat 29th Oct ANONYMOUS
85 hours later Mehwish N.

Printing our handwritten notes (both)
9:18am Fri 28th Oct ANONYMOUS
12 hours later Mehwish N.

Examinable Content (both)
10:02pm Tue 25th Oct ANONYMOUS
14 hours later Mehwish N.

Multiple Choice on exam (both)
4:33am Tue 25th Oct ANONYMOUS
32 hours later Mehwish N.

 UWA week 42 (2nd semester, week 12) ↓
Notes in exam (all 3)
12:09pm Sun 23rd Oct ANONYMOUS
72 hours later Mehwish N.
4 days later ANONYMOUS

Report wordcount penalty (both)
4:43pm Tue 18th Oct ANONYMOUS
5 hours later Mehwish N.

 UWA week 41 (2nd semester, week 11) ↓
URGENT project due date (all 3)
7:00pm Sun 16th Oct ANONYMOUS
43 secs later ANONYMOUS  O.P.
27 hours later Mehwish N.

midsem marks (both)
3:40pm Sun 16th Oct ANONYMOUS
31 hours later Mehwish N.

project deadline extension (both)
3:09am Sun 16th Oct ANONYMOUS
6 hours later Mehwish N.

final exam (all 3)
6:07pm Sat 15th Oct ANONYMOUS
31 mins later ANONYMOUS  O.P.
15 hours later Mehwish N.

Demo slots full? (both)
5:53pm Sat 15th Oct ANONYMOUS
15 hours later Mehwish N.

about demo (both)
2:58pm Sat 15th Oct Pengcheng H.
18 hours later Mehwish N.

online exam vs face-to-face exam (both)
2:28pm Thu 13th Oct ANONYMOUS
6 hours later Mehwish N.

online students - demo and exam (both)
7:51pm Wed 12th Oct ANONYMOUS
16 hours later Mehwish N.

 UWA week 40 (2nd semester, week 10) ↓
Project question-Grey (both)
5:30pm Sun 9th Oct Bingting Z.
39 hours later Mehwish N.

demonstration link (both)
5:21pm Sat 8th Oct ANONYMOUS
64 hours later Mehwish N.

8:54pm Tue 4th Oct ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 39 (2nd semester, week 9) ↓
Project Question - Green Interaction Direction (both)
8:37pm Sat 1st Oct Jake L.
65 hours later Mehwish N.

lab6 (both)
9:41pm Tue 27th Sep Xuanhui S.
6 days later Mehwish N.

 UWA week 38 (2nd semester, week 8) ↓
Unable to drag answers for some questions (all 5)
1:07pm Fri 23rd Sep ANONYMOUS
16 mins later Xiaoyu H.
28 mins later ANONYMOUS
2 hours later ANONYMOUS
22 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.

final exam query
7:02pm Wed 21st Sep ANONYMOUS

Looking for a project partner (all 3)
5:46pm Wed 21st Sep ANONYMOUS
41 hours later Yuying M.
89 hours later Juveria K.

Questions about red agent's followers
1:05pm Tue 20th Sep ANONYMOUS

Previous labs practice and questions about mid-semester exam
11:27am Mon 19th Sep ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 37 (2nd semester, week 7) ↓
what information do agents have access to
9:35pm Sun 18th Sep ANONYMOUS

Past Labs
3:44pm Sat 17th Sep ANONYMOUS

Confused about wording for red team
12:41pm Fri 16th Sep ANONYMOUS

topics covered in the mid semester exam
11:21am Fri 16th Sep Muhammad A.

potency and correction messages
10:54am Fri 16th Sep Muhammad A.

Potentially drastic change to project specs
10:32am Fri 16th Sep Daniel L.

updated projection spec
9:28pm Thu 15th Sep ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 36 (2nd semester, mid-semester break) ↓
Project questions (both)
10:03pm Sun 11th Sep ANONYMOUS
17 hours later Mehwish N.

Uncertainty Interval (both)
12:40pm Thu 8th Sep ANONYMOUS
4 days later Mehwish N.

zero uncertainty
1:10pm Tue 6th Sep ANONYMOUS

Java graphics libraries (both)
3:25pm Mon 5th Sep ANONYMOUS
7 days later Mehwish N.

 UWA week 35 (2nd semester, week 6) ↓
Lot of questions for Project (all 3)
4:13pm Sun 4th Sep Tin P.
7 days later Mehwish N.
10 days later Zach M.

Lab 4 - Python marker
12:19am Thu 1st Sep Sean PG.

Looking for partner
3:12pm Wed 31st Aug Robert W.

Project: grey team's turn (both)
1:58pm Wed 31st Aug ANONYMOUS
5 days later Mehwish N.

Lab 3 Maze Agent (both)
6:15pm Mon 29th Aug ANONYMOUS
40 hours later Mehwish N.

Project file structure (both)
4:58pm Mon 29th Aug ANONYMOUS
16 hours later Mehwish N.

Use of Libraries in the Project (both)
10:36am Mon 29th Aug Sage A.
39 mins later Mehwish N.

 UWA week 34 (2nd semester, week 5) ↓
Project Clarifications (both)
4:12pm Sun 28th Aug ANONYMOUS
41 hours later Mehwish N.

python for labs (all 3)
10:21pm Wed 24th Aug ANONYMOUS
2 hours later Amandeep AS.
36 hours later Mehwish N.

lab 3 clarifications (both)
4:17pm Wed 24th Aug Amandeep AS.
42 hours later Mehwish N.

Looking for Project partner (all 5)
4:10pm Wed 24th Aug Anastasia T.
26 hours later Anastasia T.  O.P.
35 hours later Lee O.
47 hours later John A.
67 hours later Luke G.

Initialization Step 1 (all 4)
11:05pm Tue 23rd Aug Tiziano W.
17 hours later Ryan B.
59 hours later Mehwish N.
16 days later ANONYMOUS

number of group members - project (both)
3:32pm Tue 23rd Aug ANONYMOUS
67 hours later Mehwish N.

Late submission for lab 1 (both)
10:58am Mon 22nd Aug Muhammad A.
24 hours later ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 33 (2nd semester, week 4) ↓
Project Marks - Solo vs Pair (both)
12:53pm Sat 20th Aug ANONYMOUS
48 hours later Mehwish N.

make all unmarked labs available? (both)
11:51am Fri 19th Aug ANONYMOUS
6 days later Mehwish N.

lab 2 output (both)
11:42am Fri 19th Aug ANONYMOUS
2 hours later ANONYMOUS

What exactly is the format for the lab 2 ?
10:43am Fri 19th Aug ANONYMOUS

what are we exactly looking at part 2 lab 2? (both)
9:07pm Thu 18th Aug ANONYMOUS
17 hours later ANONYMOUS

Lab folder on LMS or cits3001 website (both)
2:12pm Thu 18th Aug ANONYMOUS
2 hours later ANONYMOUS

struggling with lab 2 (all 5)
3:24pm Wed 17th Aug ANONYMOUS
2 hours later George F.
10 hours later Luke G.
19 hours later Ryan B.
20 hours later Mehwish N.

Lab 2 always giving partial correct answer (all 3)
8:21pm Tue 16th Aug ANONYMOUS
2 hours later ANONYMOUS
23 hours later Rayne W.

12 Aug Workshop Cutoff
4:31pm Tue 16th Aug ANONYMOUS

Midsem Sample Test
3:01pm Tue 16th Aug Naomi B.

lab2 input (all 4)
11:39am Tue 16th Aug ANONYMOUS
4 hours later ANONYMOUS
8 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.
11 hours later ANONYMOUS

project start date
10:23pm Mon 15th Aug ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 32 (2nd semester, week 3) ↓
Project Partner (all 13)
3:46pm Fri 12th Aug Sohaib A.
18 hours later ANONYMOUS
40 hours later Sohaib A.  O.P.
64 hours later Alicia L.
89 hours later Alicia L.
5 days later Joshua K.
5 days later Sage A.
6 days later Adam C.
11 days later Anastasia T.
13 days later Jack T.
30 days later Nicholas T.
34 days later Aswin TV.
36 days later Juveria K.

9 Aug Lecture (both)
11:35am Wed 10th Aug ANONYMOUS
50 hours later Mehwish N.

Pseudocode for Boyer-Moore?
3:49pm Mon 8th Aug ANONYMOUS

 UWA week 31 (2nd semester, week 2) ↓
Project Instructions
3:10pm Sun 7th Aug Sae-Hwa Y.

Lab 2 Tester (both)
9:17pm Fri 5th Aug Tiziano W.
36 hours later Tiziano W.  O.P.

Online consultation (all 3)
6:18pm Thu 4th Aug ANONYMOUS
17 hours later Mehwish N.
68 hours later ANONYMOUS  O.P.

workshop recording cut off (both)
2:36am Mon 1st Aug ANONYMOUS
9 hours later Mehwish N.

 UWA week 30 (2nd semester, week 1) ↓
Moodle Enrolment key (all 3)
10:13am Fri 29th Jul Thanh N.
69 mins later Thanh N.  O.P.
73 hours later Mehwish N.

Mark penalties for graded labs (all 5)
9:16pm Thu 28th Jul Sean PG.
86 hours later Mehwish N.
6 days later Sean PG.  O.P.
7 days later Tiziano W.
10 days later Sean PG.  O.P.

Lab 2 (both)
5:57pm Wed 27th Jul Tiziano W.
18 hours later Mehwish N.

workshop recordings (both)
4:45am Wed 27th Jul ANONYMOUS
8 hours later Mehwish N.

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