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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Data Structures and Algorithms (CITS2200).
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Mid-Semester Test

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Date: Mon 30th Mar, 2:15pm


This was an email sent out from Amitava: 

Dear All,

Here are some important announcements:

1. The mid-semester test has been canceled, as we dot have any means to conduct it at the 
university under the present circumstances. The end-semester examination will carry 60% 
weight. Still I will supply you with sample exam paper and afterwards sample solutions so 
that you can assess yourselves. 

2. I have not uploaded a lecture for the topic 'complexity'. That set of slides is for self-
study. The purpose of those slides is to motivate you for asymptotic analysis. Those slides 
discuss some difficulties in analysing algorithms and some empirical analysis. There is no 
purpose other than motivation. It should be easy for you to read and understand those 
slides. I will not ask any questions directly from those slides.

3. I am currently setting up zoom sessions for the labs. You will soon get another email 
from me regarding this.

4. All lab submissions have been extended by three days, not working days (that term is not 
exactly meaningful now). I will extend those deadlines in cssubmit, however you need not 
bother about the automated message so long as you submit by 11:59 pm the following Monday 
after the current deadline,

all the best,

stay safe


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