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Stop examplify petition

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From: Edward A.
Date: Sat 4th Apr, 9:07pm
The Examplify software chosen by the University for running exams is incredibly 
invasive and has the following creepy characteristics: 

- Monitors your webcam and microphone
- Records your screen
- Logs your keypresses
- Uses AI to monitor these recordings and flag them for human review
- Modifies your computer's system files
- May require you to disable your antivirus
- Collects your phone number and email address
- May disclose your personal data with their marketing partners

In addition your data is stored overseas so who knows what happens to it? 

Finally, it doesn't have Linux support, and can be easily circumnavigated by simply 
putting notes above your computer or talking to someone not visible on your webcam. 

For a top 100 University with a world class CS department, this is a terrible 

Petition here:  https://change.org/stopexamplify

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