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Stop examplify petition

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From: Christopher M.
Date: Mon 6th Apr, 8:37am
"Edward Atkinson"                               wrote:

> The Examplify software chosen by the University for running exams is incredibly 
> invasive and has the following creepy characteristics: 

Thanks for posting this Eric;  it's important that students can make an
informed opinion about what's going on.

ExamSoft has been selected to address a significant problem in difficult
times;  I've not seen a statement that anyone at UWA believes this to be a
perfect solution.  I don't yet know enough about how ExamSoft works and, I
suspect, the hundreds of signatories to this petition have not made much
effort to find out.

I find the wording of the petition quite emotive, and the comments
following the petition suggest that many are conflating ExamSoft with
their own dislike of exams, or whether exams are even a valid assessment
technique.  There's then the irony of people rushing to Facebook to
complain about personal privacy.

I trust that those signing up to change.org, itself, first read its own
Privacy Policy, https://www.change.org/policies/privacy, (and wondered why
it even mentions your computer's MAC address).

I suggest that before jumping to conclusions about how ExamSoft works, that
everyone investigate for themselves by accepting ExamSoft's invitation "If
you have any questions or comments about this privacy policy or the manner
in which ExamSoft collects, stores, or uses your personal data, please write
by email to                     ".  I trust that the author of this petition
has already accepted this invitation, and will share the questions asked and
the replies received.

I trust that those with anti-virus software on their computers also
appreciate that modern AV software also modifies a computer's system
files, employs "AI techniques" to monitor system activity, and also
transmits collected information somewhere, likely overseas.  A lot of
software does this, though very few people read EULAs to understand how
software works or how their personal data is handled.  The primary issue
is not that modern software does this, but whether any risks outweigh
the need to use it.

Those concerned about ExamSoft's Privacy Policy should investigate what is
means to state compliance with US and EU Privacy Acts, including the
penalities for even falsely claiming compliance (it is shame that Australia
is behind in setting its own policies). While we should not blindly follow
the lead of the US, the fact that ExamSoft is used by over 40 US State
Supreme Courts for delivery of their Bar exams, strongly suggests that those
understanding Privacy legislation have confidence in the handling of their data.

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