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This forum is provided to promote discussion amongst students enrolled in Computer Networks (CITS3002).
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From: Christopher M.
Date: Sun 7th Jun, 7:36am



> Having started revising for the exam, I've come to the realisation that covering 
> every single topic in the lecture slides is a Sisyphean task.
> Could you perhaps suggest areas of greater importance, or strategies for studying?

What you want me to say, and what is the truth, and likely quite different.
Are you now revising, or studying it for the first time?
It's clear that many pushed out their project submission, perhaps, without keeping an eye on 
their exam calendar.

The material to study, and the material to be examined, is all listed on our unit Schedule 
page, 11 weeks, clearly the first week is very introductory, and roughly 5 points highlighted 
each week (which may not correspond directly to the titles on slides).

All of it is equally important, maybe Internetworking more important than Data 
Communications, but questions will come from both areas. For example, even though there's no 
detailed coding required in the exam, don't give up on the Labsheet exercises. Ask yourself 
*why* a particular question on a labsheet was set, what you should have learnt when you 
completed the exercise.  Reflect on this stuff, rather than hoping to memorise it, as that 
will help more if there's a question asking you to explain a concept using pseudo-code, 
rather than just text.

(it's a 3rd-year unit; you should have a good understanding that all
material is examinable, and how to study for it.  Honestly, politely,
what response were you expecting?)

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